6 Music Animes You Should Watch

Do you like anime? Do you like listening to Japanese music or how about watching music concerts in anime? There’s some really good music animes that you should check out for yourself that has good songs, animation and storyline. Music Anime is a great way to also learn the Japanese language and to be able to understand it more. Once you start listening to music or want to listen to more, you might want to go to Japanese concerts or look for more anime to watch that has music within. It’s an awesome way to enjoy anime and to enjoy new Japanese songs that you may not have heard of. Check out the anime series that is down below and see for yourself which one that you may like.


Shuichi tries to become the next rising star with his band called Bad Luck in Japan while struggling and confessing his feelings to the romance novelist author: Eiri Yuki. The Gravitation anime series is BL (boys love) and many anime fans have heard of Gravitation as being their first BL series that they’ve watched. It’s an old series but it was once popular within the early 2000’s. The anime is funny, romantic and of course the music is awesome to listen to! Besides the band Bad Luck, there’s also Shuichi’s rival band called: Nittle Grasper. It’s a short series that you can binge watch and you might listen to the songs on repeat.

Bang Dream

A high school girl sees an old guitar one day at the pawn shop, she’ll meet one of her new band mates and together they will start a new band. The Bang Dream series is based on a mobile rhythm game that became popular within Japan. The series has both 2D for the first season and then it becomes 3D starting on season two.

The band name: Poppin’ Party has awesome songs followed by the other bands that are in the anime. It has a good storyline and the story doesn’t focus on Poppin’ Party as it will follow the other bands as well. Bang Dream is becoming popular everywhere as the game is also coming to the Nintendo Switch soon. It’s sort of a long series but you won’t get bored or confused when you start watching the series.



Argonavis is a prequel to the anime Bang Dream series. It’s about a college student who is shy to other people but has a good singing voice, he gets caught while singing one day at the karaoke room and the college student is able to be part of the music band. There is only one series of Argonavis and the series doesn’t collide with Bang Dream even though it is the spinoff. However there is a rumor that a Argonavis film will be coming in 2022. It’s an all-boys music band and the series is brand new, the storyline is awesome and you don’t get bored watching the anime series as they have great songs. If you like Argonavis, you should check out Bang Dream series.



Two Nana’s meet on a train some day, they both have different lives: a singer and the other has a normal life. Even though they have different lives, they started a friendship on the train and became friends right away. Nana is an emotional anime and never got an ending due to circumstances but it is a good music anime, which has life lessons if you watch it closely enough. Nana won’t disappoint you and besides being a good anime, the songs are awesome to listen to. It was also once popular in Japan when Nana first aired. If you want something different besides watching or listening to a concert, this anime should get you hooked right into it. It’s a bit long but something for you to consider.

Piano no Mori

Piano no Mori is about two different lives about kids, they meet in school one day as both kids love and listen to the piano. It’s a slow burn anime and you may get bored if you aren’t into listening to the piano or playing it but the storyline is easy to understand. The entire story is quite sad really if you pay attention closely and you see how serious people could get with the piano. You think playing the piano is easy, but it’s really not. There’s different tunes that people play even if they play the same piece over and over again. It’s a great way to understand the piano by watching this anime. Anyone could watch this anime and this anime has a bit of a 3D animation at some scenes but switches back to 2D.



Taiban is about a high school student who got inspired after seeing a concert that she started a music band in her high school. The entire anime series is 3D animation and it is a short series where you can watch it within the weekend. The songs are pretty good to listen to and if you don’t mind watching the series in 3D, this is a series you should watch. Anyone could watch the series and it is still a brand new series.

Watching music anime is fun and exciting, it could still be filled with drama, romance, school, etc., but it could also have music or concerts also. It’s a fun way to enjoy the anime series and not to get bored or confused. There’s some anime concerts already in conventions that you can enjoy in real life with friends and family. For instance, the anime expo has Anisong World Matsuri and you can expect a lot of otaku fans to go to that concert. It’s also a fun way to meet other people who like listening to Japanese music. Besides listening to Japanese music, you might be able to understand the Japanese language. Check out the anime series that has music and you may be able to enjoy it and have fun.

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