7 Best Anime Discord Bots To Have On Your Server

Anime Discord Bots: Discord bots are a crucial aspect of a community Discord server, even for a server with a small group of friends because it can do a lot of things from the technical standpoint to the Entertaining features that would make the servers users have fun with. Discord bots are a great technology that Discord has given us, making communication and functionality of voice and text channels entertaining. A lot of Discord bots come in different variety, and here in this Article, we will give you popular Anime themed discord bots to have on your server that might cater to any Anime fans.


Mudae Discord Bot

Bot top.gg Link: https://top.gg/bot/432610292342587392

The Mudae Discord Bot is one of the biggest of all Database-like Social Anime Discord Bots that contains a collection of Anime characters from Video Games, Anime Series, and Mangas. Claimed to have more than 65,000+ of Waifus and Husbandos that holds a collective feature for Users to create and own a set of character card collection on the server the bot is on. The Bot also accommodates other Entertainment features such as randomization searches for GIFs, Images, and Anime quotes, with a complement of mini word-based games on the side for Users to enjoy.

Karuta Discord Bot

Bot top.gg Link: https://top.gg/bot/646937666251915264

Karuta is another one of the Social Economy Anime Discord Bots that centralizes around an economy that is oriented towards Card Collection, somewhat just like Mudae. Pretty fun Discord bot which has complementary features to their Card Collection idea, such as a robust trading system that produces a solid economy-related environment in defining the rarity of a card or popularity demand where you can trade it with something of the same value, fun stuff.

Zerotwo Discord Bot

Bot top.gg Link: https://top.gg/bot/469610550159212554

Bots Website: https://zerotwo.bot/index.php

ZeroTwo is a widely all-around social anime discord bot that accommodates users with the features of Complex Profile Customization, Leveling and Role management system with a variety of mini-games, roleplay commands, music and meme commands. A discord bot that would serve well for the fans of the popular Anime DARLING in the FRANXX.

Lofi Radio Discord Bot

Bot top.gg Link: https://top.gg/bot/830530156048285716

The Lofi Radio Discord bot is in the name itself which specifically caters to the features of being a music-oriented bot that centralizes itself around the Lofi themed music, if you’re a fan of the genre, and want to listen to Lofi with your friends on your discord server, this Discord bot is the one you want.


LaifuBot Discord Bot

Bot top.gg Link: https://top.gg/bot/688202466315206661

As stated in the Bot Descriptions page, “LaifuBot at its core is a collectible card based around thousands of Anime Characters”. A card collector related to Anime Characters bot similar to Karuta or Mudae, it is another widely used discord bot and claimed to be a really good “gacha-like” card collection Discord bot in the Anime community. Rarity among cards exist, with different versions such as GIFs. The discord bot along with its card collecting features comes with a package of Leveling, Stats, Upgrades and badges, and even with a a PvP System where players can battle among each other.

Lawliet Discord Bot

Bot top.gg Link: https://top.gg/bot/368521195940741122

Bot Website: https://lawlietbot.xyz/

Lawliet is an Anime Discord Bot that is more general compared with the rest that focuses on a more central theme. Lawliet main unique feature is its Fishery (economy system) that encourages to keep user activity consistent. Its where people can catch Fish to be sold for coins. Which is used to buy perks such as upgrade ‘fishing gear’, or roles. Additionally, server rankings, virtual gambling, and treasure chest concepts exist.

Astolfo Discord Bot

Bot top.gg Link: https://top.gg/bot/375838331923202058

A fan of the Fate Series? There’s a bot named after one of the characters called Astolfo. This Anime Discord bot has a nice neat theme to it where you summon a servant and fight other players on the server. You can also manage equipment, fight monsters in the Dungeons, or even gamble in a casino. The idea and concept the Bot displays is pretty cool and sounds entertaining and of course, there is basic moderation commands, and miscellaneous utility commands included.


There are also other great Anime Discord Bots focused on entertainment for the Anime Community servers, if you think there is a bot that should be listed here or was missed out, comment down below.

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