6 Best Anime Database Website to Track your Animes

Ever wondered how you can track your list of completed Anime, plan to watch Anime, or any other listing for your Anime while staying up to date with the current? Throw that notepad away because we have Anime database website or basically listing sites are specifically created so anime or manga fans could keep track with what they completed, currently watching, or plan to watch. There are a few out there, and here we will list the 5 best anime database website to track your Anime.



MyAnimelist.net created in 2004, is one of the original database sites for Anime fans and is the most popular site right now where Anime fans would go in order to list their Animes and stay updated with the current seasonal releases. Besides Anime series, they have a database for Manga, Characters, Actors, and Staffs. With fully laid out categorized sections for specific genre, studio created Anime and more that keeps things neat and tidy which is expected for a database.

It has an active community with a friendly population of users that can be interacted with via the MyAnimeList forums, social clubs and other means of socializing, basically like a social media for Anime fans. They have a wide variety of customizable profile and list design options compared to other sites which makes it popular.


AniList is a contender to MyAnimeList, AniList has been around quite awhile, but they are known for keeping a modern user interface for their community, unlike MyAnimeList that follows a more older classic theme of Forum/Database sites. AniList does support Dark Mode, so if you’re into that, AniList is the best choice here.

AniList has a very active community for Anime fans to interact and with a solid database just like MyAnimeList, it also comes with another site called AniChart to track the countdown timer of the latest Anime episodes soon to air for the current season.

Anime Planet

Anime planet is also a big contender in Anime databases. It serves a large community just like MyAnimeList which both have their fair share among comparisons between each community, and is still an active community Anime database website that has solid features with what you expect from a database community site.


AniDB was created in 2002, which is older than MAL, it has a classic website theme and is one of the original database sites. Considering its been a long-standing site, it contains a large community with active Fansub groups around the site. AniDB is a nice site if you’re into the classic themes of forums back in the day. Although for new comers of Anime fandom, people would usually choose sites like AniList or MyAnimelist.


Kitsu is a lesser known, and probably lesser used site compared to the rest listed above. The site has been around quite sometime, and does fulfil its role as a Database, it’s an open source production tracking site, although it has little features compared to bigger sites. The community is pretty active but they don’t have a forums. Instead they use a platform called groups which are basically social groups of a certain interest, where users can join and interact with one another of the same interest.

Visual Novel Database

VNDB.org is a Visual Novel Database focusing only on Anime Visual Novels, they are still widely used and popular among the Visual Novel community due to it being the only Database for Visual Novels. They provide a wide range of published VNs from Japanese produced to Western published titles with an active forum site to communicate with other fans. The website design is pretty outdated, but still functional that can be navigated easily.


If you use one of these Anime database website listed above, drop your opinion below in the comments.

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1 year ago

Anemy.fr is good too !!!

Eren Yegar
Eren Yegar
1 month ago

You might need to update your list and add other sites like SIMKL.com which is also a good database site 🙂