Bokura no Ameiro Protocol – A New Esports Anime Coming Fall 2023

Exciting news for esports anime fans, a recently announced anime has just appeared called Bokura no Ameiro Protocol or Our Rainy Protocol for Fall 2023. The new anime was revealed on Saturday along with the main cast, staff, key visuals and teaser trailer for the upcoming anime. It is scheduled to air on October 2023, so for a lot of anime fans who are into esports, this is quite the exicting news because the esports theme in anime is still a rare occurence to be in an anime plotline, ever since the anime, The King’s Avatar came out, it has remained the only anime until now to be an anime purely focusing on the world of esports.

This has changed with the newly announced anime, Bokura no Ameiro Protocol with esports being the center theme for its plotline, so it’s quite interesting to see how this anime will progress with esports being the main theme for the story. Check out their key visual.


The synopsis of Bokura no Ameiro Protocol, as said on their official website:

Shun Tokinoya, a second-year high school student who lives with his mother and sister. Following the death of his father in an accident and the injury of his sister, he decided to quit the game he was passionate about and now works at an e-sports cafe called “FOX ONE”. He spends all his time working part-time and studying while hanging out with his childhood gaming friends. All of a sudden, he found out that “FOX ONE” is deeply in debt and in order to pay off the debt, he decided to join and win a gaming tournament called, “Xaxerion Championship” along with his friends for the prize money, bringing him back to the gaming world.

Check out their PV trailer below:


The information of the cast and staff were one of the details announced along with the new upcoming anime, as follows:

Shun Tokinoya: Kenshō Ono

Yuu Saegusa: Sora Amamiya

Nozomi Inazuki: Inori Minase

Mio Tokinoya: Momo Asakura

Akito Sendou: Ryohei Kimura


general manager: Yasutaka Yamamoto

directed by: Taishi Kato

Story draft: 兀兀

Series composition: Katsuhiko Takayama and Yasutaka Yamamoto

character draft: boota

Character Design: Hirona Hirayama

music: Akatsuki Kamimae & MONACA

Animation studio: Quad

For more information about the upcoming anime:

Official Website:
Official Twitter:

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