7 Best Single Player Games For The Nintendo Switch

Are you looking for new video games to play on your Nintendo Switch that’s single player? Maybe you don’t have the Nintendo Switch Online Membership and you want to try something new besides having multiplayer games? Having multiplayer games could be fun and it could be challenging as nowadays multiplayer games need online membership and that you’re playing against real people across the world. However sometimes having a single player game could get boring and repetitive even if it’s against an AI. Here is a list of video games that you should check out if you’re looking for single player games:


1. Animal Crossing New Horizon

What is Animal Crossing New Horizon? It’s a popular game for the Nintendo Switch where you take on like some sort of cute animal and you can do whatever you want like in real life: fishing, building a village, trading with other players, planting ….etc. You do need an online membership to be able to trade with other players, but it is quite fun. It can take hours for you to play in Animal Crossing even if you finish the game. The game could get repetitive and might not be a game for someone who doesn’t like repetition, but it is a game for anyone that has the Nintendo Switch.


2. Zelda Breath of the Wild

Zelda Breath of the Wild is one of the best, single player games for the Nintendo Switch. It’s an open world video game where the player takes on the character of Link and goes on a quest to save Princess Zelda. The video game isn’t for everyone as it is a bit violent and has monsters, the game itself is fantasy and you can do a lot within the game. You can beat the game within hours of playing it, but those players that are determined to get the full game play, it could take like 200+ hours. Zelda Breath of the Wild is fun and addictive, check it out if you haven’t played any Zelda games yet or if you aren’t familiar with it.

3. Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield is a game where anyone could play. It’s one of the new Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch and takes place in the Galar region. All of you have to do is catch Pokemon and be the very best trainer within the game. Not only that but the video game is open world and unlike the other Pokemon games, it could take you time in finding Pokemon and completing the Pokedex. However you do need an online membership to be able to trade the exclusive Pokemon. Besides the main adventure, there’s even side-quests that you can do if you’re up for it.

4. Luigi’s Mansion 3

If anyone has played the Mario video games, why not play Luigi Mansion 3? Mario is missing and it’s Luigi this time around to save the day! What do you need to do? You have to solve puzzles, catch ghosts and prepare for anything in each of the floors of the haunted hotel. The video game isn’t too hard to beat and if you want to finish the game right away, you can probably do it within a day. Anyone could play the game and it is a game for all ages and a fun way for the hours to pass by. Besides being a good game for single player, you can play the game as multiplayers.

5. Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Why is it called Super Mario 3D All-Stars? It has 3 different games for the single player which are: Super Mario 64, Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy. All 3 games are popular games from different consoles. What’s your objective? Collecting all the stars to be able to beat the game. Since it has 3 video games within 1, it will take the player some time in collecting the stars and thus the games have old graphics being imported from different consoles. Some stars are harder to get and could be frustrating, but it could be worth it within the end.

6. ClubHouse Games 51 WorldWide Classics

If you like classic board games, ClubHouse 51 has a variety to choose from for a single player mode. You can play Mancala, Chess, Dominoes, etc. The AI depends on the level of the difficulty and it could get a bit frustrated but not really repetitive. It’s a fun game for all ages and you can play the game for hours as there’s 51 varieties of games. The video game is a perfect game if you have no internet or if you have little kids that are trying to learn how to play a game for the first time.

ClubHouse-Games 51-WorldWide-Classics-Nintendo-Switch

7. Zelda Skyward Sword

The new Zelda game is not open world as it is a game coming from the Wii Console to the Nintendo Switch. Just like any other Zelda games, the player has to save Princess Zelda and goes through obstacles on saving her. Even if it’s not open world, players should try this game as it is adventurous and new tweaks that the Switch has to the game that the Wii doesn’t have. This video game isn’t for anyone as it could get violent where players have to beat monsters to be able to continue through. The game is worth it if you haven’t played the game yet and it will take you a while to beat the game for a single player.


Playing single player video games could be fun but it could also be boring and repetitive against an AI. Since you aren’t playing against a real person, you can easily win if you’re playing against an AI and not lose right away. However there are some video games that are open world to a single player that are more challenging and adventurous where it will take you time and explore the game more thoroughly. There are plenty of video games for a player to be able to choose from rather if it’s open world or playing against an AI, you’ll have fun no matter what it is as it is to your liking.

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