The 3 Popular Mihoyo Video Games You Need To Play

If you haven’t heard of any Mihoyo Video Games, then that’s okay, because you’re about to enter a world of amazing gameplay and story-based universes, simply due to Mihoyo making one of the best story immersive and aesthetic gameplay in the mobile gacha game industry and these three mobile games make up of what Mihoyo’s popularity is today.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is the one of the most popular Mihoyo Video Games that was ever made, probably above Honkai Impact, simply because Genshin Impact has reached a more wider mainstream market globally. Genshin Impact has made waves in sales and a popularity storm on social media during its first year, garnering alot of attention and has generated $1 Billion in less than six months.

Genshin Impact is widely known for their story immersive atmosphere along with their greatly designed character aesthetics complimented in their world building. Genshin Impact is a gacha game, so millions would play it everyday because they would want to save their “Fates” (a currency to get characters), and if it not save, use real money instead to buy such currency to acquire their favorite character.


Although, this is a conflicted statement, Genshin Impact does emit a similar vibe to the The Legend of Zelda: BOTW game, so, it’s claimed that help built its poularity among the fandom outside of the gacha anime trope. Eitherway, we can’t lie Genshin Impact has a wonderful story immersed universe, and this was clear ever since Honkai Impact came out, since that game is also heavily story-based.

Genshin Impact is rich with content even during its release, and that the developers are consistent with releasing updates within the years. It is still not too late to play the game, as it’s still just the beginning. Genshin Impact is one of the best Mihoyo Video Games out there to play of the three and even one of the best mobile gacha games right now on the market, so it’s not too late to catch up.

Honkai Impact

Honkai Impact is the second most and oldest game in terms of popularity in the Mihoyo Video Games line up. Honkai Impact is a fantasy action RPG just like Genshin Impact with heavily immersive story lines and gameplay action. Honkai Impact is said to be “connected” within the universe that genshin impact is in with Mihoyos “Multiverse”, imaginary tree concept.

Honkai Impact is a gacha game that offers you outstanding character designs and gameplay animations with an awesome story they offer you. The hack and Slash gameplay is one of the many styles this game has that makes combat gameplay addicting along with the very dramatic induced story they have going for you. As compared to Genshin which their story is still developing towards the drama as of the making of this article, Honkai Impact has been out since 2016, and therefore, their story has been developed into quite deeply, and the animations for specific cutscenes are such an experience to watch.


Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is one of mihoyo’s recently created game released on April 26, 2023. Honkai: Star Rail adds something new to the Mihoyo video games, as it is a completely turned-based combat open world gameplay focused genre. Pretty interesting as the two previous Mihoyo games are free roam action action RPGs, Honkai: Star Rail however, offers you that traditional style turned-based action.

Honkai: Star Rail takes place within the Honkai Universe with sci-fi themes and focuses on planet-hopping exploration, where you will travel across other worlds to explore around and experience different kinds of adventures. It’s no surprise that Honkai: Star Rail has succeeded a lot ever since launch, the character designs, animations, story, and just the overall refreshing new environment Honkai: Star Rail brings to you, will suck anybody who has played other Mihoyo games into the world of Honkai Star Rail.


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