8 Best Yuri Ships Genshin impact Has to Offer

Looking for the best yuri ships genshin impact has to offer? Genshin impact does have quite a lot of characters, and that means tons of shippable characters for the community to create and fantasize about. Yuri or Femslash ships in genshin impact is no joke with the amount of support it has around them, and always end up having a great pairing because of Genshin Impact lore and character designs are endlessly amazing, so it’s no surprise to see tons of ships existing. Today, we offer you the best yuri ships in genshin impact that the community can go crazy over for.


The 8 Best Yuri Ships Genshin Impact

The Best Yuri Ships in Genshin Impact is entirely a subjectivly based opinion, although, we are following by the amount of fanarts and community activity among these fandoms that we can find on the interwebs, so we shall list them down accordingly via that information. In any case, where you may want to suggest more ships, feel free to do so in the comments. Enjoy looking at these best yuri ships Genshin impact has to offer!

Yae Miko X Raiden Ei (EiMiko)

EiMiko is the one of the most prominent yuri ships to exist in Genshin impact with tons of available fanart. This fandom started ever since the two gained traction during the reveal of inazuma’s lore and their long lasting friendship with one another. Their interactions and dialogues are what makes the two pair well and they just look good to be shipped together overall.

Amber X Lumine (Lumber)

Lumber was one of the first ships in Genshin Impact to be created and grow in popularity due to Amber being the first character you are introduced to in the game, along with the the traveler, Lumine. Their countless story interactions between the two within the game are all very abundantally fun and long, making the community to create a ship among them.

Ningguang X Beidou (Beiguang)

Beiguang is one of the most popular “ara-ara” ships in Genshin impact ever since liyue was revealed. Their interactions and dialogue in the story makes them appear as very close partners and we can clearly see that when we check out the voicelines and how they caringly act towards each other despite their disagreement in beliefs in some areas. They obviously do look together and it’s no susprise why such ship exist.

Yanfei X Hu Tao (Yantao)

Yantao is one of the best popular inazuma ships ever since their release and has garnered tremenedous amount of community fanarts. Their ability to look great together and the fact lore wise they don’t really “know” each other, the community has found themselves supporting such a ship quite a lot in any case. Can’t lie though, they are both cute!

creds: @hutaoslasthp

Keqing X Ganyu (Ganqing)

Once again, Keqing and Ganyu are another popular ship in Inazuma and bless to the heavens, they are so aesthetically pleasing to your eyes together. Mainly because of their color schemes that fan artist can work around, and their cuteness overload just makes it all the more better. This ship deserves to be one of the best yuri ships genshin impact has to offer and the fanart counts dont lie, no joke, the fandom is pretty big.


Kamisato Ayaka X Naganohara Yoimiya  (Ayamiya)

Ayamiya is another popular inazuma ship due to their visual aesthetics together which makes it all the better in their fanarts. They are both cute and lore wise, both know each other and have high respects for one another and are assumed to be close friends due to a few voicelines in-game that hints so. They have countless of arts on the interwebs which goes to show their scale of popularity in the community.

Eula X Amber (EulAmber)

EulAmber has gained traction due to the Genshin Impacts quest update, “shadow amidnst snow storm”. Which has a multitide of Eula and Amber interaction scenes, some being intrepreted in ways where they are assumed to be more than friends. In fairness, their interactions in the quest’s story are cute, and to see an instant rise in their ship pairings is expected.

source: reddit

Sangonomiya Kokomi x Kujou Sara (KokoSara)

Sangonomiya Kokomi and Kujou Sara is susprisingly a popular ship that has grown alot in the community. Despite them not having much canon interactions in the game after the resistance drama with Raiden Shogun. The KokoSara fandom has grown mainly due to the countless of fanarts being uploaded by them, this is because of their visual combinations fitting quite well together, and for Sara being shown as the more “passivly softie” persona in the fan works, which happens to be liked by the shippers.

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