7 Best Anime Video Games For Nintendo Switch

There’s a lot of video games that a game player could choose from that he/she wants to play on their nintendo switch. However if they’re looking for a specific game based off of an anime style there are quite a few of them out there. However not all anime video games are for kids and parents should look into the rating before getting the game. It’s fun playing an anime game because there might be as well as a series to go along with it. Check out the games below if you’re thinking of getting an anime game that you want to play or if you haven’t heard of it yet. 

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

This Nintendo Switch video game is based off of the Pokemon franchise and is actually the remake of the game: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has been released this November 2021 and has been a hit for game players. The remake of the game has many changes from the original besides the graphics and animation. The goal of the game is to complete Pokedex and the top trainers, which is the Elite Four and become the Pokemon Master. It’s easy gameplay for everyone that wants to get into Pokemon or those who wants to get back into it again. 

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

If you like mysteries and problem solving, the great ace attorney chronicles is the game for you and the chronicle game has two games that’s included! You can do a lot of things within the game and there’s even a bonus content where you can play the game in the Japanese version. It’s a good game that takes a long time to solve and enjoy the content as the game has awesome animation and music. If you have nothing to do, you should check out the great ace attorney chronicles game. Be like a detective and solve the crime. 

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy

The Naruto trilogy is a fighting game where you follow the storyline and fight your way through. All three games of ninja storm are very different from each other and it’s actually quite hard to finish the game in some parts. If you like fighting games, Naruto Ninja Storm is something that you should look into for the switch. If you’re a Naruto fan, consider getting this as all the characters are in it from the original Naruto to Shippuden. You can even fight one another in online gameplay if you have friends that have the game. It takes time to finish the game and the music is awesome to listen to while fighting in the game. 3-in-1 video game, that’s a lot of gaming to do on your switch!

Yu-gi-oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution

If you’re just learning to play the Yu-gi-oh trading card game, the video game for the Nintendo Switch will certainly help you play the game. You can play against the original Yu-gi-oh all the way to the newest series, VRains! It will be complicated for both new and old players with the different gameplay style of the card game. You can even play against friends with the online feature! It’s a fun game if you like playing with the trading cards and it takes time to learn the new strategies if you haven’t been watching the anime. Pick up a copy and it’s time to DUEL! 

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

There are two storylines that you can choose from: hacker or detective to be able to solve the mystery of what’s going on in the real and digital world. It’s a fun game if you know the story of the Digimon anime franchise and even if you don’t know the anime, you’ll be able to learn right away from the game to know what’s happening. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth is rated T and isn’t safe for everyone to be able to play it. You’ll be able to play the game for hours as you try and collect every Digimon that is available. It’s a great way to pass the time and the game itself is no easy task once you try to solve what’s going on. 

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

You follow the storyline and you battle opponents along the way and you’re able to roleplay as different characters from the anime. The gameplay is good but the animation of the video game isn’t. If you can get past the animation, you can play the game for hours as you battle opponent after opponent. Besides the storyline, you can choose from different multiplayer modes to make it more fun and harder for you to play. The video game is a great way to spend time with friends and to be enforced within it. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons

The animal crossing game is easy and fun to do as you go to an island and make it your dream island. From there you’ll be able to chat and trade with other players to be able to get what you want for your island. It’s a popular anime game among adults and kids and you can spend multiple hours within the game as there’s like no ending. It could get boring for some players as it’s the same thing repeatedly, but if you want something simple and relaxing plus getting the kids involved, animal crossing is something that you should look into for the Nintendo Switch. You don’t even have to like anime to enjoy the game, it’s a fun game to start with. 

Why play anime video games? The style of the anime games is different from the other video games that other players know about and there’s an anime game for someone out there. It’s quite interesting playing the anime video game because the game could be non-canon to the anime series if it has one. It’s like a different story that’s only for the video game and that you have to play the game to complete it since the anime doesn’t have it. Not only that, but if there’s an English dub version of the anime video game, there is a Japanese version as well. Anime

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