5 Naruto Episodes That Shouldn’t Be Skipped

Ever wonder what episodes that you shouldn’t skip while watching Naruto? What if you missed something that is important? The original Naruto series has a lot of episodes with a total of 220 episodes. That is a lot of episodes for a fan to watch the entire series! However a lot of people say online that you could skip a lot of the fillers. However here are some episodes that you shouldn’t skip if you want to watch something funny, adventurous or it could be important: 

Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-sensei’s True Face! 

Who doesn’t want to watch this episode from the original Naruto? Naruto and his team goes on a mission to try to see Kakashi’s true face underneath the mask that he wears. Every time that one of them tries, an obstacle stops them from seeing it! It’s not until the end that Kakashi reveals what’s truly underneath his mask! It’s hilarious even to this day. Any Naruto fan shouldn’t skip this episode! It’s a fun episode to watch and it will leave you laughing from beginning until the end. If you haven’t watched this episode yet, don’t skip it! Enjoy this one and have fun laughing throughout!

Deadlock! Sannin Showdown! 

Who doesn’t want to see the three legendary sannin fight in a battle? The viewers would see the strength and abilities of Tsunade and Jiraiya for the first time as they fight against Orochimaru. The music is awesome during the battle and great to listen to as Tsunade takes control of the battle with Jiraiya by her side. If you skip this episode, you wouldn’t see the start of the battle and why the legendary sannin are in a battle in the first place. This is an episode that you should check out. 

Battle Formation! Ino-Shika-Cho 

This original Naruto episode is a good one as the viewers would see Ino-Shika-Cho formation for the first time. It’s during the chunnin exams where team 10 went and helped team 7 after seeing Sakura injuries. It’s an awesome episode where viewers would also see Shikamaru in being the team leader of his team. Who doesn’t want to see the first time of Ino-Shika-Cho formation? It has a great battle and viewers would also see that classmates are helping out one another even though they aren’t on the same team. Check out this episode and you wouldn’t be disappointed at all on watching it. 

Battle on the Bridge! Zabuza Returns! 

Naruto speaks with a girl but then finds out that it was a boy as team 7 starts their training. However, the rogue ninja that they fought before has returned for them to battle. This battle is a good battle and one that viewers shouldn’t miss out on. Besides training, viewers would see that teamwork is starting for team 7 as the fight continues on in the upcoming episodes. This is where viewers would see that Naruto would get stronger and that he has to protect someone. Even if you don’t like these episodes, it’s great that team 7 has a battle before the chunnin exams where they start to get to know one another. 

The Battle Begins! Naruto vs Sasuke 

This is an episode where the viewers would see a jealous Sasuke who didn’t become stronger than Naruto. It’s also where we see Naruto and Sasuke about to start a fight against one another until Sakura intervenes. It’s an episode where a viewer shouldn’t miss this one because they’ll see that Sasuke is starting to get darker than who he was. It’s somewhat a sad episode because Sasuke wants to surpass Naruto but he hasn’t yet. It’s one of those episodes that you shouldn’t miss at all because it’s the beginning of the fight of Naruto vs Sasuke. 

There’s a total of 220 episodes for the original Naruto series and these episodes are suggestions that a viewer shouldn’t skip if the viewer is new to the anime series. Many Naruto fans think that you should skip fillers within the series but there’s fillers that are fun to watch even if it’s not part of the series. If you watch every episode from beginning to end, you’ll see the character’s growth rather than skipping episodes and just watching the episodes that matter. It’ll take awhile for you to binge watch the original Naruto but the Naruto anime is an awesome series for a viewer who is new to watching anime or haven’t watched Naruto yet.

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