10 Best Iyashikei Anime That You Need to Watch

Finding the best Iyashikei Anime? Iyashikei may or may not be something you have heard of, and if you haven’t, Iyashikei anime is a specific type of genre, a sub-genre within the Slice of Life genre of Anime. Iyashikei Animes focuses more on a storyline where a character lives out a peaceful life and gives this “healing” effect to its viewers. Sometimes Iyashikei Animes can go deeper into other genres as long as it maintains that “healing” feeling to its viewers which is something that the audience can get an optimistic and fulfilling perception when watching the Anime because the story indulges into a series of life lessons or a relaxed atmosphere for the viewer.



K-On! has been the one of the most popular slice of life musical Anime out for a long time, and it being an Anime where the audience can sit back and relax on a very chill musical Anime could be one of the best Anime you can experience. Just like most slice of life Animes out there, K-on doesn’t have a complex storyline, it’s a straight forward Moe Anime about girls doing musical related activities from forming a band, and playing their music to the world or for themselves.


K-On is one of the original slice of life musical Animes in 2009 that went majorly mainstream globally, and still probably widely known until this day so, if you’re into that musical slice of life fun with Moe Anime characters, and great musical sound tracks with a nice story progression of the band. K-on is a great choice to binge-watch.

To the me back then, you don’t need to worry. You’ll soon find something you can do, something you can set your heart on.

Yui Hirasawa

Natsume Book of Friends

Natsume Book of Friends is another slice of Anime, although it centralizes its storyline around the supernatural concept theme. Natsume is about Takashi Natsume who has a secret involving Youkai, where he can see and gets chased by enraged spirits due to a family item called “book of friends” that he possesses containing names written on it which are spirits, signifying their lack of freedom due to his grandma that owned the book, binding spirits under her control causing enraged spirits to haunt him attempting in the hopes of attaining freedom.

The Anime brings a series of emotional and fun journeys of the main character aiming towards the goal to free these controlled spirits, this brings heart-warming and funny moments with all the more emotional scenes. If you’re into an Anime of this kind, Natsume is worth the watch with over 6 seasons, a movie and other OVA or special episodes. A good binge-watch throughout the week.

As I encountered kindness, I wanted to be kind myself. I wanted to be able to do something, just as others had done for me.

Natsume Takashi


Barakamon has been a popular title among the slice of life fans as the anime focuses around an aspiring calligrapher named Seishuu Handa who recently received criticism from a veteran that labeled his award-wining piece “unoriginal”. Which he in return reacts violently, so as punishment, his family sent him off to a rural distant island far from the urban city life to self-reflect. Barakamon has been an iconic slice of life Anime for some time where its story does a very great job sucking you into their world.

Barakamon brings a series of life lessons, and qualities that we want to realize ourselves where the main character undergoes a change in perspective on the island. I think Barakamon is worth the watching mainly for its story and characters, which we might learn a thing or two about life that this Anime was trying to portray.

Simplicity is the easiest path to true beauty

Seishuu Handa


Mushishi is an all-time favorite for a lot of people. Mushishi takes a different method from the typical modern day slice-of-life setting and focuses on a supernatural historical fantasy world. Despite its fantasy setting, it remains as a slice of life and does perfectly well in being a solid Iyashikei Anime. Mushishi is about a man named Ginko, who’s a researcher, a person who researches on a strange lifeform called Mushi defined as the most basic form of life in the world that holds no significant value but just existing.

They can exist and mimic other forms such as plants or diseases which may bring trouble to clueless humans. Our man, Ginko goes out to find the reason why such creatures exist, pondering on the questions he wonders on revolving around these lifeforms while a series of problematic events where he comes to help along his journey.

Even when unpleasant things happen during the day, the stars never fail to appear at night. When I see that, I feel calm for some reason.


Non Non Biyori

There has been quite a lot of slice of life Anime revolving around cute girls doing cute things, and Non Non Biyori is entirely focused on that theme, but there is rather something different that other Cute Girls Doing Cute themed Animes don’t have compared with Non Non Biyori. There’s not a lot of complexity behind its story, its just a group of a girls doing daily activities, and it probably because of that which makes it popular as is.

Although i think and what most people also enjoyed from it are minor things from its rural setting with its vibrant artistic colors representing that, where you’ll also enjoy the subtitle comedy moments, and the very likeable characters is what makes people love this show for what it is. If you’re taking a break from the Action, Dark, and emotionally distressing Animes, then Non Non Biyori is perfect for that relaxing binge-watch with over two seasons and a movie.

Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop takes a different approach from the slice of life story setting. Usagi focuses on two characters, a middle-aged man and a young girl who recently lost her grandfather, the middle aged man Daikichi Kawachi who went to the funeral of his grandfather found the girl who was in a middle of a feud of family denying to take care of the young girl who has been revealed to be the illegitimate daughter of the grandfather. While no one in the family wanted to take care of her, Daikichi comes in to volunteer.

Usagi Drop does a great job representing the hardships of the matter. Involving father-daughter relations, single parent hardships and that entirely different challenge of being a middle-aged man with a low pay grade to provide support for a young individual starting out in life.

You’d better have a good reason. Still…What reason could you have for leaving your child?

Kawachi Daikichi

Aria the Animation

Aria the Animation is a one of a kind slice of life set in a science fictional world where the main character settles in a planet named Aqua, formerly known as Mars. Humans have found a way to terraform uninhabitable planets like turning Mars into a habitable beauty. Aria the Animation doesn’t delve into the sci-fi setting that much, as its main focus are on the characters that serve as a tour guide riding Gondola Boats around the Planet since the area is engulfed with water depicting somewhat like the city of Venice.

Aria the Animation is filled with heartwarming moments and pure solid emotional scenes where one finds himself far from home into a workplace unfamiliar to them. Aria the animation brings a series of life lessons that a fan of the genre would love to watch for. A solid Iyashikei Anime to binge through its three seasons and OVAs.

There are some people who are rich and stay in beautiful places but are still unhappy. There are some people who are poor, but happy. In the end, happiness or sadness, only the person can determine.

Alicia Florence


Tamayura is directed by Satou, Junichi who directed Aria the Animation. Tamayura is one of the most solid Iyashikei Anime out there as it delves into the hardships of a young girl who is still deciding on her future. The most problematic challenges a young individual goes through when growing old is when you start to consider your future more and also the fear of becoming more distant towards your friends as you get busier with your own life, in the end are we truly alone fighting to reach our goal, or even if everyone we know is busy do they still support us?

Tamayura delves into this topic rather nicely, making the main character love photography but make her doubt that path just as well. Tamayura is a great Anime to binge through for a slice of life anime fan looking into Iyashikei Anime that engulf its story with life lessons and heartwarming scenes.

A great enough sorrow can stop time, but someday, time will start moving again. No matter how many years may pass.

Grandmother Sawatari

Flying Witch

A lot of Animes that involves Witches usually focus on action, drama and other emotionally devoted storylines, however Flying Witches entirely focuses on the relax laid-back setting which you would expect from a Slice of Life Anime. Flying Witch focuses on girl named Makoto Kowata that recently left her parents home to pursuit the knowledge and training of what a Witch should have, just living the normal day and adventure of an apprentice Witch. If you’re into the daily life of a Witch without the dark or action paced storylines, then Flying Witch is a great choice for you.

Girls’ Last Tour (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou)

Girls’ Last Tour is a dystopian world slice of life Anime where two young military Girls explore a war ravaged city on their motorbike. What makes girls’ Last Tour a fascinating Anime is simply because of the universe its set in. The lore that it brings about the old world, and this new Apolcapytic like world after the War. The two main characters remain wondering on what the old world was like before the war and finding remnants after the war coming across old military sites and finding other people along the way in their adventure. Girls’ Last Tour brings an emotional slice of life tale to its viewers and it was fun watching.

lets get along with the feeling of hopelessness.


Got another Iyashikei Anime you love, or liked any of the Anime listed above? Comment down below

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