10 Best Multiplayer Horror Game to Play with Friends at Night

Finding the best best multiplayer horror game that you can play with friends? We got you covered, we’ll be listing down 10 multiplayer coop horror games that have trended in the community for quite awhile, and some are that are still popular until this day on steam. From PvP to PvE, any type of horror game you can think of, and some that you might be familiar with already. Starting with:

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is one of the best multiplayer horror game out right now on steam with a consistent player base of 20,000 to 30,000 players active a day. Dead by Daylight is a 4vs1 horror game where a single player plays the role of a killer and where the other remaining players would play as survivors attempting to avoid getting killed and successfully escape.


Dead by daylight is a really popular game due to the common concept around it, where 1 player tries to kill other players and stop them from winning the game. Dead by Daylight may be hard at first to understand, but its fun to play especially with your own squad, as the game has a good way to keep jump scares a fun and not dull thing later on after hours of playing.


Pacify is one of the originals of this game type and it follows a setting where a group of players are reported to venture into a suspicious house engulfed by Evil. Where a girl is missing, laughter is heard, and missing people, a scary setting that is a set-up for something even more?

Pacify brings your average straight to the jump scare action type of gameplay and it doesn’t fail to scare you, Pacify is meant to play with friends as it just makes things ten times more fun and sometimes even scarier.


Phasmophobia is the most recent tending horror game of 2020 and still is one of the best multiplayer horror game available to buy. It brings a totally different atmosphere to the horror game world in which Phasmophobia implements the real life concept of Ghost investigating into a virtual game word in where a team of 4 players have to discover the type of ghost that is hunting within the specific area you’re assigned to.

Phasmophobia brought a breathe of fresh air because there are really no games out there that focuses on the Ghost Investigating concept, which Phasmophobia really does well in doing, bringing the technicalities of real world Ghost hunting into Phasmophobia for players to have to fun, brain storm, and be scared.


Devour is a recent Horror game in 2021 which is still relatively new. Devour follows the same gameplay concept of Pacify in which you have to go into an evil engulfed house or area and try to dispel whatever lays hunting there. However unlike pacify, we follow a story setting of a cult group trying to stop a possessed Cult leader dragging you into hell and devouring you. Devour has a decent amount of replay value for the player, and even if the game is new, its worth for what its priced at.


Deceit is a “trust and deception” kind of gameplay you would expect when playing. It’s one of the original “Among us” kind of games that focuses on a horror theme layout, where you have to find out who is the infected. 6 players are brought into a room unconsciously and after waking up, 2 of you are apparently infected with a virus that will turn you into a vicious killing monster. Although, the player base has crippled over its time, its a still a great game to try out and its free to play for anyone on steam.


Labyrinthine is your typical exploration horror game where Labyrinthine is set in an environment of a creepy maze where players have to venture into where they deal with tight corners, and random scary events. Labyrinthine brings you into a world of “run for your life or get jump scared.” The Maze journey brings you into solving puzzles, and finding items where you have to run from unknown creatures that hunt the maze. Fun and spooky for any squad of friends.

In Silence

In Silence brings a different type of PvP in the cat and mouse like horror game genre, the game centers around a creature who is blind and can only hear sounds from a distant, even if it’s the smallest of sounds like a whisper or a footstep. Players have to do a certain objective in order to escape without getting killed by the player controlled creatures. Completing task and trying to communicate with one another while exploring the vicinity in order to escape.


Bigfoot is a Horror game that revolves around a group of players going into an expedition to hunt down Bigfoot in the forest of wild reserves. Involving snipers, and other technological equipment, your job is to find Bigfoot and kill him. Bigfoot is one of those games that should be either bought on sale and played with friends since playing alone isn’t really that fun, Bigfoot is no doubt a fun game and you should give it a shot.

Lunch Lady

Lunch lady is another cat and mouse type of horror game where a group of players have to complete a task in order to escape. Trying to stay alive in a school environment after wanting to steal the answer sheets to the upcoming exams. Lunch Lady is a new coop horror game with not a lot of content as of yet, although it’s still your typical fun jump scare of a horror game just like Devour where the Lunch Lady wonders around the vicinity and chases you when you’re in her sight. The game is cheaply priced, so it’s worth giving it a shot.

Sign Of Silence

Sign of Silence is another four player coop horror game set in a town in the outskirts. Sign of silence does have its share of creepiness with their horrifying 3D models, and it’s pretty fun nonetheless with a group of friends. Who doesn’t love terrifying monsters waiting to jump scare you? Sign of Silence does have a fair amount of criticism on their steam page but me and my friends still enjoyed it, so it’s worth giving it a shot if you have the spare change.

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