5 Best Android Emulators for PC to Play Games With

Looking for the best Android Emulators for PC to play your favorite mobile games? We got you covered as there are countless Android Emulators used by many PC users, and which are considered safe for anyone to use on their PC. Mobile games have been getting widely popular recently due to the pandemic. Considering not everyone has a gaming PC, most would end up playing mobile games and if PC users do not have a gaming phone, or do not like playing on a phone, they can settle with a PC Android Emulator. This is where we come in and help you on picking the 5 most popular Android Emulators to have right now.



Bluestacks is one of the best android emulators for pc, which stands as the most popular Android Emulator known until today. It was and still is the leading emulator in popularity for a lot of emulator users compared to the rest. Bluestacks is a widely functional platform and can run games really well. It is operated by an American technology company and the emulator can run on both operating systems, Windows and macOS. It’s easy to get started and if you’re first timer in using Android Emulators, Bluestacks is the first to be recommended.

LD Player

LD Player is arguably the second most known Android Emulator next to Bluestacks, making it the second best android emulators for pc. It is operated by a Chinese company called XUANZHI INTERNATIONAL, and is great for both operating systems. If you have a terrible computer to run Emulators, since they are demanding to run generally then LDplayer is focused on lightweight usage that focuses on gaming performance, and has had users that ran the Emulator far better than Bluestacks.

Nox Player

Nox Player is operated by another Chinese company called Nox. Limited which aims to create the best Android Emulator. Although, not the greatest compared to LD and BlueStacks, but it is still a relatively good Android Emulator to choose, if LD and Bluestacks aren’t optional to you. Nox Player is known for having good utility support with custom keyboard binding, controller support, and gesture controls.


MEmu is another great Android Emulator to choose from. It said to run great on both Intel and AMD computers, and is something to take interest on as not must Emulator companies focus on the AMD optimization. It supports multiple Android versions like Kit kat, Jelly Bean and Lollipop which it can run as well multiple instances at once, and if you’re a multi-tasker then it would be a great option for you.



Gameloop is another awesome Emulator, although, its not classified as a pure Android Emulator, but an Emulator to run a selected list of Android games. If you didn’t know, Gameloop is created by Tencent, Tencent Gaming Buddies specifically. They are a Chinese company that has published a lot of Android games, and to have a company with that background make their own Mobile game Emulator to run their published games like Call of Duty, PUBG, and Mobile Legends is a great reason to choose this software as the support and performance for it is solid that makes it one of the best android emulators for pc

There are a lot of other Android Emulators out there to choose from some, also being used in more technical matters such Android Studio, and Xamarin, but we only listed of what is the most mainstream used and best optional Emulators for the casual or hardcore user to play their favorite play mobile games on their PC right away. If you have anymore Emulators that you know and should be listed here, comment down below.

Make your computer run Emulators better (Optional)

Enable Virtualization Technology

As you might not know, Emulators are by default locked running on a single core from your processor, and using 1-2 GB of RAM. There is an option in your computers BIOS settings to override this lock by having to enable Virtualization Technology(VT) on your BIOS, so you can have your Android Emulator run on more CPU Cores, and Ram. Enabling such options significantly increases your Emulators performance which decreases the freezing and stuttering that you may experience.

How to Enable?

Every computer is different, and the methods required to Enable this BIOS option depends on your PC. We suggest finding a tutorial video corresponding to your BIOS, or Motherboard model in order to enable the VT Mode so you can run your Mobile games at a better performance.

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