Best Guns in Farlight 84 You Need to Win Easily

Looking for the best guns in farlight 84? We got you covered, Farlight 84 has been a growing new popular battle royale game on the PC and mobile market, and it’s no doubt that you want to get in on the trend and play at your best and use the best guns to equip in farlight 84. The best farlight 84 guns may be a preferencial choice at times, although, some guns do perform better, sometimes way better depending on your playstyle. Here are the best farlight 84 guns to win in your games easily.


Jupiter-6 has been known to be one of the best guns in farlight 84 that is preferred by mostly every player. You’ll notice this by just encountering every enemy with a Jupiter 6. This gun is known for its awesome long range, good damage, and minimum recoil while moving. This makes it an awesome primary or even secondary weapon of choice in your loadout to win your battles easily.


The Bar 95 is considered to be one of the best sniper rifles you can find in Farlight 84, having the major damage output to take out any armor in a single headshot, making it one of the best guns in farlight 84 for anyone who prefers to sit back and support their team from afar while doing massive damage to the enemies.

White Dwarf

The White Dwarf is one of the preferred SMG guns in Farlight 84, due to its firing rate being the fastest compared to any other gun available especially with orange attachments that increases the accuracy and fire rate of th weapon. The White Dwarf can be an awesome choice of gun to shred enemy armor if your aim is on point at a fast rate before you switch to another gun to go for the kill.


The Generator is an awesome gun of choice during early and middle of the game, it may not be a really good gun to have when you’re at the top 10 spot, however, going for this gun the moment you drop, or facing players with purple or lower shields can have a great impact compared to a non-upgraded weapon due to its fire rate and almost no recoil.


Invader is another awesome single-fire gun, although it can’t spray, however, it does pack a punch, hopefully your bullets dont miss because this can take out a player with an entire loaded magazine, making it a great medium to longe range combat capable weapon of choice in Farlight 84.


The M4 is a great end-game gun with orange tier equipment, second greatest gun of choice compared to the AK77. Due to an update making jupiter-6 having less spawn rates around the map, the M4 has become a 2nd gun of choice for most players along with a fully orange to purple tier equipment loadout.


With the nerfing of the spawn rate of the Jupiter-6, the AK77 has now become a player favorite along with the M4. The AK77 has superior damage, decent fire rate, and although recoil is considerably stronger, having the required muzzle, or stabilizer equipment in the loadout would make this gun more accurate, and controllable. If you can’t find the Jupiter-6, then the AK77 is an awesome alternative.


What if I told you, Hound is an awesome choice of a weapon, and a powerful one in the right hands? A point black shot could shred an entire orange tier armor. Either you use it as a secondary or a primary, the Hound can be an awesome weapon of choice to act as a finisher, or a weapon to engage, and would be better if you used Lucienda for her quick reload on shotgun ability on top of it.

That’s all for the best guns in farlight 84, if you think there are better guns that should be on the list, comment down below about your experience and advice. Thank you!

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