Honkai Star Rail Upcoming Characters to be in the 1.1 Update

Want to know the Honkai Star Rail Upcoming Characters? With the release of Jing Yuan, a 5-star lightning character, you’re probably desperate to know what comes next? Don’t worry as there are tons of information going around the internet to know what the upcoming Honkai Star Rail character banners are, so you can prepare yourself before they debut

When does the current banner end?

Jing Yuan’s Character Banner will be running from May 17, to June 6 2023, so you have all the time to save up for the potentially upcoming characters shown below. Good luck saving and getting the characters you want!

Honkai Star Rail Upcoming Characters


A 5-star Imaginary Character following the Abundance path. Luocha is one of the 5-star characters rumored to be coming, and said to be a support role character.


Silver Wolf

A 5-star Quantum character following the Nihility path, known to be as a debuffer. Silver Wolf is one of the Honkai Star Rail Upcoming Characters to be coming soon and was introduced to us in the beginning cut-scene of the game.


A 4-star Imaginary character that follows the Harmoy Path, known to be a buffer. Yukong is one of the characters that are coming to honkai star rail soon, as we already know she was introduced to us in one of the main missions of Honkai Star Rail, so it is quite exciting!

Check for more updates on their https://twitter.com/honkaistarrail, or stay tune at Animeclap.

If you haven’t played Honkai Star Rail, what are you waiting for! Download now on PC or mobile device: https://hsr.hoyoverse.com/en-us/
Honkai Star Rail is a role-playing turn-based action RPG game played on the mobile device and PC, with sci-fi themes, exploration, adventures and many more stories to be revealed,

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