10 Best Episodic Games on Steam with Amazing Story

Find the best Episodic games available? Episodic video games is a type of game where a company releases a series of episodes rather than making it a one-time story deal thing, just like watching your favorite TV series on Netflix. The gameplay heavily relies on story attraction and interaction with the story-endings where players can decide the fate of the main characters with the dialogue that the players can choose.


Episodic games aren’t a major thing in the game industry but every now and then we can spot a few titles that gets the markets attention. These games can range from Life is Strange, Walking Dead and a lot more that made an impact in the gaming world. Try these titles out!

Life is Strange

Before Telltale games made Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us that became wildly popular during its years. Life is strange was one of the best Episodic Games on steam right after these titles and made a wide impact in the gaming industry known for its artistic portrayal and story-telling. It has brought fame to the franchise having a Life is Strange 2 and a comic adaptation released years later. Life is strange brings a series of emotional events towards the players showcasing the characters struggle of living with the power of bringing back time to save a friend.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead developed by Telltale was one of the original games to represent the Episodic genre in 2012 and still part of the best episodic games still existing until now. The Walking Dead is from the actual series The Walking Dead known for its TV series, and other media, although the video game is set within the Comic book universe. The Walking Dead was one of the widely popular apocalyptic zombie franchises and it’s worth every second of playing it as the story is just amazing to play through with the character development the game brings to the table.

The Wolf Among Us

Alongside Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game, The Wolf Among Us is also another widely popular episodic game from Telltale. The Wolf Among Us is a heavily interactive story-based game where player decisions will affect the main character, Bigby Wolf, who is a sheriff that sets out to investigate a series of murders happening.

The game is known for its violent and mature details where the game brings this dark atmosphere around it. Telltales is known for having a really good player-decision consequence making mechanic implemented in their interactive story games and The Wolf Among us is no exception.

Tell Me Why

From the same developers that created Life is Strange, Tell Me Why is another episodic narrative that follows a pair of American identical twins as they discover their past and mysterious memories. One of the main characters, Tyler Ronan who is a transgender man that reunites with his twin sister after a traumatic event revolving their mothers death.

Tell Me Why details around the Tlingit people which are an indigenous community in the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. Tell Me Why brings a new tale of mysteries and even though the story may seem dull at times as compared to Life is Strange, it still brings an interesting and engaging emotional story to the table for the user to keep on playing.

Song of Horror

An episodic survival horror game where the story is about a famed writer that went missing along with his entire family. The Writer’s Editor sent an assistant to investigate his whereabouts but also vanished which sets a chain of events later discovering the existence of a being called “the presence”. Song of Horror brings a unique dynamic gameplay to its viewers where you can play as eleven characters and if one dies, you transfer to the next throughout the series of episodes where you have progressively explored the clues in helping to solve puzzles.

Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall Chapters is a heavily story-driven narrative game about choices and consequences where the player is set in a world of science and magic. Going off in an adventure and emotional journey into a world that combines the themes of cyberpunk and magical fantasy in its universe. Dreamfall comes with a strong solid storyline that gets the players interested in playing more and it’s no doubt a good game overall.

Batman: TellTale Series

Telltale games the company behind narrative games like The Walking Dead, and Wolf Among Us which they have also included Batman into their list of narrative games they have developed. Batman the Telltale series isn’t tied to any of the other works of Batman films and other media, but is based on Bob kane and Bill Finger’s Batman character. The game is available on steam for a cheap price during sale and if you’re a fan of Batman, it’s worth playing through.

Alan Wake

Not a lot of episodic horror games out there, and Alan Wake was one of the first horror games to represent the episodic genre in 2012 which become one of the best episodic games in the horror theme to have a very solid storyline. The story follows a best-selling novelist Alan Wake where he goes to uncover his mysterious wife’s disappearance during a vacation in a small town. Alan brings a series of suspense and thrill that makes Alan Wake a very nice in-depth story thriller video game.

Kentucky Route Zero

Let’s take a break from the 3D narrative and enter into the 2D narrative world. Kentucky Route Zero is a Five Acts 2D adventure game about a secret highway under Kentucky where mysterious people travel through it. What I like about 2D games is mostly that they usually focus on the artistic storytelling of things. Kentucky Route Zero brings a magical realism in its story reflecting concepts like Life and most of its player describe that its more of an art or interactive novel rather than a game. KRO maybe pricey depending on your standard but if you’re into story driven games it’s worth trying out.

The Dream Machine

The Dream Machine is cheap narrative 2D game on steam, but despite its cheap pricing, the game’s story is rich and how it was made will make you respect the creator. The game is built by hand using the material Clay and Cardboards. The Dream Machines brings another artistic tale to the table of its genre with over 6 episodes and I enjoyed playing this game. The puzzles were fun to solve and the story itself was nice to playthrough, so if you have any spare change, the dream machine is a nice game to spend it on.

If you think you have another game in mind that should be on this list, comment down below.

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