Bang Dream Guide: Helpful Websites for Bang Dream players

Looking for the best bang dream guide for the game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! that teaches you all the best helpful websites for bang dream from Wikis, Database, Socials and generally every information regarding the rhythm game Bang Dream? We got you covered as there is quite alot of informational websites to get to know when you’re aiming to be an all-time Bang Dream Player. Here is a list of the helpful websites for any bang dream player.


Bandori Fandom Wiki

The Bandori Fandom Wiki website serves as the main encyclopedia for the franchise BanG Dream! and all its contents from the Anime, Manga and to the Game. The Fandom Wiki is the largest Wiki encyclopedia site for not just bang dream but a lot of other franchises as well, so if you’re a regular for another gacha game, or any other media franchise, then fandom would be a familiarity to you. This is where most bang dream players would first go to in wanting to learn further information as the details provided are more in depth compared to other sources. Highly recommended place for newcomers and a great source for being your main bang dream guide throughout.


Bestdori! could possibly be the only and best site for every bang dream player, it serves as a website that provides in-depth game information and as well tools created to help bang dream players in everything they can to play the game better. The BestDori database provides you a list of archived Events, Character banners, Cards, Costumes, Song Charts, Meta Songs, Rankings and much more in-depth information that can be helpful for every player who wants to know everything about BanG Dream! Girls Band Party.


The website Tools that BestDori provides you are extremely helpful as well for any player who wants to perform better, and be ready for their Event ranking journey, as the site contains a Team Builder, Event Calculator, Chart and Simulator, and much more needed performance optimizing tools for the best player experience and gameplay. A really good site that offers a great place for being your main bang dream guide about the game.

Bandori.Party is a specific purpose database site for the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party game franchise, it also serves as a social place having a social profile system with a news feed in place for users to post their activities, along with a geo map of the websites users in which country they belong to playing the game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, which I find pretty cool.

The website main use is to gather any kind of information about the game from past, upcoming and current Events, Character banners, Card List, and other Statistics involving the game. Though not as detailed as Best Dori, could be more of a “lite version” of bestdori, it still contains a simplicity of navigation getting to where you want as fast, if you just want to check something quickly involving the past, or upcoming updates.

Hope these top 3 websites prove useful for any bang dream player wanting to tier for their favorite event, comment down below if you know anymore websites.

About BanG Dream! Girls Band Party?

As stated on their website:

“BanG Dream!” is a next generation girls band project that links animated characters with real life performances. It is a media franchise that includes Anime, Games and Live performances. Voice actors from “Poppin’Party” & “Roselia” formed real bands, and are actively performing live. A third live band, “RAISE A SUILEN”, was formed and are in the midst of activities as well.

-Bang Dream

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party Mobile Requirements?

For Android Devices:

Minimum required: Android 4.4 with 3GB RAM.
Recommended Requirements: Android 4.4 or newer with 6GB RAM or more.

For IOS Devices

Minimum required: IOS 10.0 with 2GB RAM
Recommended Requirements: IOS 10, or newer with 4GB RAM or higher.

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