10 Best Main DPS Genshin Impact You Need to Have

This list gives the player some overview on the Best Main DPS Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact arguably being the most popular gacha game right now, it is important that players, whether they be free-to-play ones or those that “whale” the game, must keep an eye on characters that dish out high DPS to quickly clear out domains and/or daily commissions infested by Hilichurls, Fatui, or those pesky little Geovishaps in Liyue. 


I don’t invest a lot of time thinking hard in creating my party setups because I tend to approach the game in a much-relaxed perspective and I work with the game that has provided for me, which I take into consideration that Genshin Impact is a gacha game. 

There would be times when players would save their primos for characters that deal massive damage while there also players that build up unconventional characters as their Main DPS, may it be Venti or even Barbara. This list greatly helps players in finding out which characters would be highly viable to take on the role of the Main DPS in their party setups.

10. Razor

The boy who lives among the wolves was considered by many players to be an honorary 5-star character because of his fast-paced normal attacks which would come after his Elemental Burst which makes him one of the best main DPS Genshin Impact. He is also considered to be a decent character to be included in your team comp in the early-to-mid game, as he is also a character that would be easy to build.

As someone who has gone full Razor Main, he is a pretty decent character to be a Main DPS, as he is reliant on his pure physical damage output and even his Elemental Skill provides Energy quickly for you to get that Elemental Burst going, which would significantly buff up your physical damage and boost your attack speed, and most importantly, add an Electro DMG with each attack you do. 

9. Keqing

The Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing is one of the first best Main DPS Genshin Impact and still is which players could consider pulling. She could be obtained from the permanent banner and that she has a slight edge with other Electro characters because of her charged attacks which, if properly combo-ed, with her Elemental Burst could unleash a devastating amount of damage to her opponents. It is advisable to give her a 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale and a 2-piece of the Thundering Fury artifact sets.

Her charged attacks are what make her a great Main DPS, which means investing the time to fully charge the Statues of the Seven and saving her stamina for a full-on fight is necessary. Her Elemental Skill damages enemies in a small AOE and marks those who are still alive after said damage. It is highly recommended to save up her Elemental Burst if many enemies would clump up together, which gives her an edge against Razor (which his Elemental Burst mostly focuses on single-target enemies).

8. Zhongli

The Geo Archon certainly deserves a spot in this list of best Main DPS in Genshin Impact that players should save upon. Zhongli was considered to be a Sub DPS or even a Utility. However, with the recent buffs to Geo DMG, he’s becoming a god (literally) alongside other Geo characters. Investing a 2-piece Noblesse Oblige and 2-piece Archaic Petra artifact sets are essential for a Main DPS Zhongli. Zhongli’s goblet could be dedicated for elemental damage or a Geo Damage Bonus one.

Before entering into an attack, players using Zhongli should first use his Jade Shield by holding down the Elemental Skill and starting to call upon his Elemental Burst. Energy Recharge must be sufficient enough so that Zhongli could keep on spamming his Elemental Burst, which makes him a force to reckon with on the battlefield.

7. Eula

With the introduction of the Spindrift Knight into the cast of characters, she surely came with a wrecking ball to ensure that she would enter the fray of being one of the best Main DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Her dance…err…Elemental Burst is what makes her a threat to all her enemies Players could either invest in a 4-piece Pale Flame artifact set for her, or they could also go for a 2-piece Pale Flame and 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale artifact sets for her.

Eula’s combo needs the player to be nimble enough. First, should tap her Elemental Skill which would ensure that Cryo DMG has been applied and also to unleash her Elemental Burst. Eula now has several seconds to do a couple of normal attacks, after that, the player should hold her Elemental Skill, and add another couple of normal attacks. These attacks will scale the damage that her Elemental Burst would apply to all enemies that are unlucky enough to taste the bitter cold steel of her claymore.

6. Childe/Tartaglia

It would surely be a sin not to include the 11th of the Eleven Harbingers of the Fatui into the list of best Main DPS Genshin Impact. A 4-piece Heart of Depth artifact set and an additional goblet dedicated for Hydro DMG Bonus is sufficient enough to ensure Tartaglia is a menace in the barrage of assault that he would gladly rain down upon the unfortunate enemies that manage to stand in Tartaglia’s path.

It is recommended that starting by applying Burning status to his enemies (either through Xiangling’s Pyronado or letting Gooba deal damage with its fiery breath). It is wise to first apply the Riptide status to the enemies. Switching into the Melee stance by tapping his Elemental skill would ensure that his 6 consecutive slashes would deal massive damage, alongside the Vaporize elemental reaction. Lastly, using his Elemental Burst whilst in the Melee stance would deliver a coup de grace, especially when the Riptide status is still upon them.

5. Klee

I’m pretty sure that the Spark Knight’s explosive personality deserves a spot among the best Main DPS Genshin Impact. I mean, it blew my mind how a significant number of players overlook the payload which is gleefully running around the streets of Mondstadt. Securing a 4-piece Crimson Witch of Flames artifact set and a goblet piece for bonus Pyro DMG would ensure that Klee could deliver the much-needed firepower for her pesky bombs. 

Pairing up Klee with an Anemo Character (could be Sucrose, Venti, or even Anemo Traveller) could be devastating if the player times her Elemental Skill and laid down the minefield, which the Anemo could cast their skill to clump together multiple enemies into the minefield. Using Mona or even another Cryo character is also a way to go since Vaporize or Melt could inflict massive damage. The player just needs to “act like Klee” and throw bombs which would spread chaos throughout the fight.

4. Diluc

The community is still considering the Darknight Hero to be one of the best Main DPS Genshin Impact. This 5-star character’s attack combos are pretty much straightforward and it heavily relies on spamming his Elemental Skill whilst Dawn is still on cooldown. Allocating a 4-piece Crimson Witch of Flames artifact set, with a goblet piece dedicated for bonus Pyro DMG and a circlet piece for additional Crit DMG for added DPS to accompany the Pyro DMG that his Normal Attacks bring.

Considering including Xinqiu or Mona into your party setup would be of great help in inflicting a devastating amount of damage using Diluc. Casting his Elemental Burst to the enemies that were dealt with Wet status would trigger a Vaporize reaction, which would deal a deadly amount of damage. 

3. Hu Tao

The 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor takes up the 3rd spot of the best Main DPS Genshin Impact that players should consider saving their primogems if ever there would be rerun for her banner. The player who decides to focus on Hu Tao should give a 4-piece Crimson Witch of Flames and a goblet piece dedicated for bonus Pyro DMG, to enable Hu Tao to dish out much fatal DMG output.

Once the player casts her Elemental Skill, raining down a barrage of Normal and Charged Attacks to her enemies would transport her enemies to a world of pain. Pairing her with a Hydro character (Xinqiu or even Mona) would also enable her to trigger the Vaporize reaction, which drastically increases her damage output.

Casting her Elemental Burst should be saved if the enemies are clumped together, to regenerate a portion of her HP, and to dish out an insane amount of damage. For this to happen, it is imperative that the player first pull out a character which would pull multiple enemies to one spot (may it be Sucrose, Venti, or even the Anemo Traveller), and from there, Hu Tao could now cast her Elemental Burst to get the most of her damage output.

2. Xiao

A member of the Five Yakshas and having the official title as the Conqueror of Demons is enough to put Xiao into the list of best Main DPS Genshin Impact. Xiao is an unconventional character and it needs the player to keep an eye on his HP because donning the Mask of the Yaksha drastically decreases his HP. The player must farm a 2-piece Viridescent Venerer and 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale artifact set to deliver the highest damage output possible. Investing in artifacts with a Crit DMG sub stat is also essential to unlock the maximum potential of every plunge attack Xiao makes after he activates his Elemental Burst.

Dashing into battle using his Elemental Skill would start the ball rolling, and spamming his normal and charged attacks. Activating his Elemental Burst, which would unshackle Xiao and unleash the beast inside him, would enable his normal and charged attacks to be imbued with Anemo Damage. However, it is very important, I couldn’t stress this enough, that the player must be careful since donning the Mask of the Yaksha truly comes at a terrible price, a portion of Xiao’s HP over time.

1. Ganyu

She may be the secretary to the Liyue Qixing, but in battle, her charged attacks even outshine those done by the Tianquan and the Yuheng combined. Ganyu is one of the simplest DPS characters to play with and one of the simplest characters to build around, only needing a 4-piece Wanderer’s Troupe or 4-piece Blizzard Strayer artifact sets to fully enable her charged attacks to deal massive amounts of damage. Her goblet piece should also give her Cryo DMG Bonus so that her Charged Attacks would hit like a missile.

Xiangling would enable Ganyu to deal a truly horrifying amount of damage to her enemies, as casting Xiangling’s Pyronado could apply for a Burn status and coupling it with Ganyu’s Charged Shots, which triggers a Melt elemental reaction, would ultimately deliver a lethal amount of damage to her opponents. It is recommended that players should prioritize investing in her Normal Attack talent as she completely scales off her Charged Shots. If you do all of these things, happily watch as those numbers displayed on your screen reach 40,000 or even more than that.

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