Best Anime CSGO skins You Need To Have

Looking for the best Anime CSGO skins or generally, the best japanese style csgo skins? We got you covered for both those taste, as there is quite a lot of those designs available in counterstrike. Counterstrike is an awesome competitive sports shooter, but it is not only known for its gameplay but as well for their skin cosmetics. Some of these cosmetics may be beyond our budget, and some may not, but here are the best anime csgo skins to get for your japanese loadout in counterstrike.


Kiss♥Love (Sawed-Off)

Kiss♥Love Sawed-Off shotgun created by 4Gauder is one of the most liked anime csgo skins for the sawed-off shotgun as it fits the anime theme so well. With it’s aesthetic anime eyes looking at you, the pink and purple colorway, it’s an overall great choice if you’re looking for the best anime csgo skins for the sawed-off.

Mac-10 (Sakkaku)

The Sakkaku Mac-10 is another amazingly liked skin for the Mac-10 belonging to 4Gauder. The red theme of the gun, and the aesthetic anime eyes which can also be reflected in the lighting of the game is one of the most picked counterstrike skin design for anyones loadout related to Japan or anime and a great choice of skin if you’re looking for the best anime csgo skins.

Kumicho Dragon (Deagle)

Beautiful skin if you’re into dragon style designs, Kumicho Dragon for the Desert Eagle is created by The Honey Badger and is a great pick for a japanese loadout, having silver and purple colorway with a design of the dragon engulfing around the gun, it’s pretty slick overall.

Akihabara Accept (AUG)

Akihabara Accept is probably the best anime csgo skin Aug you can get, it is also created by Valve and released around 2016. It contains a female anime soldier with magazine style graphic designs surrounding it, which just makes it feel and look awesome as an anime enthusiast. Although, this skin might be beyond anyones budget as it is quite expensive, ranging from 300$ to 2000$ for factory new, ouch!

Bloodsport (ak-47)

Created by slimeface, the Bloodsport ak-47 is one of the most liked japanese-themed skins in csgo due to its red and black colors while showcasing japanese characters on top of the gun. A lot of players who are into anime, and the Japanese culture would likely pick this skin. Sadly, it is quite pricey, so if you can get past that, then good for you!

Oni Taiji (AWP)

This might cost an arm and a leg, but hey, it’s a pretty damn good awp skin. Created by L’Grand, released during operation hydra, Oni Taiji has become one of the most liked skins for a japanese loadout. Oni Taiji in English means “Demon Extermination”, which the skin portrays a warrior up against a demon. Pretty awesome art, sadly not everyone can afford, but definitely worth the purchase for anyone who could and wants a japanesed themed awp for their loadout.

Kami (Galil AR) & Kami (Five Seven)

Created by Thurnip, the Kami skin collection for both the Galil AR and Five Seven are actually pretty good cheapily affordable skins in counterstrike. Especially the Five Seven, being one of the best anime csgo pattern-based skin depending on the type of pattern style you’re going to get. Kami is based off a Japanese inspired manga kami series with every skin having a series of unique patterns.

Cassette (p250)

The p250 Cassette created by Mishovy is a nice themed addition to the list of japanese inspired csgo skins. Embracing the looks of a 90’s aesthetic design, you can see why it would attract some people who favors the style.

Galil Crimson Tsunami

The Crimson Tsunami Galil created by Chemical Alia is an aesthetic painting of a Tsunami in japanese artystyle. If you’re aiming for an aesthetic loadout, this skin would be great for your collection, and the best thing it isn’t even expensive.

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