5 Tips on How to Tier in Bang Dream Events Effectively

Hey there, did you recently just got into Bang Dream and you want to learn on how to tier in bang dream? Don’t worry, we got you covered, as it’s quite easy on learning on how to tier in Bang Dream as long as you have the time, commitment, and passion to do so! Learning how to tier in bang dream requires a few simple disciplines and tricks. It’s quite awesome once you get to know these practices along with your friends, so you can aim for the top 100, or even top 10 banner! So, how exactly do we prepare ourselves to tier in Bang Dream Events?


Remove Profile Decorations

Yes, your bang dream profile decoration designs can have an effect on loading times, this goes from Profile Pins, to Template design, and Event banners, just like when you’re a new player, having nothing is better for the loading time of the game. It’s one of the main things where tierers would get rid of all those, so they can load faster without delay into the song selection lobby, and the rest, since the game detects more graphics on the screen to render, it would clearly load more. Although, dependant on the device, it does make a difference in terms of seconds, and even if it was “milliseconds”. Being the last day of the Event, time matters to secure the highest Event tier you can get.

Do Not Full Combo

If you didn’t know, Full Comboing can also decrease loading times when the song ends, and you’re waiting to go to the score screen. This is because, Full Comboing produces an animation, and depending on the device, and usually most devices would need a few seconds of loading time at the end just for the Full Combo Animation. Most Bang Dream Tierers would likely miss the last note, just so they can avoid the Full Combo animation.

Find a Tiering Group

Tiering Groups are not that important, but efficient, a person who solo tiers by himself can probably tier high if he has the resources and time. Although, Tiering groups are merely benefecial for the game to game efficiency and conveniency, because you are not getting a random person who might mess up your scoring, or waste your time spamming stamps, choosing a song, etc. Having a group will make you avoid such probblem, and have people around you solely focus on tiering on the leaderboards, so you have a fixed song in mind, and you’re spamming the next button just to play right away. It as well doesn’t hurt making friends around the community, because it’s the MMO Guild equivalent in Rhythm games.

Play Meta Songs

Meta Songs are songs that are mostly played by the community in terms of achieving a high tier. This is because Meta songs can be very short, while still Scoring High, since high scores do matter in the amount of event points you gain, mostly because it’s short while achieving a very effiecient high score as compared to a song that is long and doesn’t get the equivalent high score rating. Meta songs for example, are Unite! From A to Z, EXIST! or Jumpin’, and much more as shown in this list Song Meta. Keep in mind, most people do “hate” these songs because they are always chosen and being reapeated, so again, it’s adviced to find a tiering group that are fixed to one song for that efficiency grind.

Save Up Energy Drinks and Extra Stars

Us Free to Play players always have to suffer, but it is what it is, tiering in an event and especially aiming for top 500, 100, or 10 is quite demanding in the resources, and time you need. Of course, these resources don’t come free, and we have to work hard for it in other events, be it from stars or the energy drinks you can get from event rewards. However, you can also spend real money to buy Paid Stars in order to get more energy, however this is not always the option. So, F2P players like us direly need to save, and pick the events we want to actually commit in tiering for. Although, this is common sense, it’s still worth reminding, as you can get alot of free energy drinks especially in VS Live events as they have the Marina’s Gift Box, a lot of energy drinks are gained from those rewards to stock up on and save for your favorite events in the future.

That’s it for now, if you think we are lacking more information on how to tier in bang dream events, comment down below on what you do for tiering in bang dream. Happy grinding!

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