10 Best Places to Take Pictures in Genshin Impact

The best places to take pictures in Genshin Impact is entirely a subjective thing, although, there are quite a lot of popular areas of interest for Genshin Impact Players to take plenty of screenshots of their characters having an amazing background view of the Sky or Sun or anyone who just wants to admire the beauty of the game. Genshin Impact has been an amazing open world experience for everyone and its shading and countless of terrain creates great opportunities to snap a photo of the environmental aesthetics Genshin Impact has to offer. Here are the best photo spots in Genshin Impact.


The Floating Island at Qingyun Peak

The small Floating Island at Qingyun Peak is one of the highest points in the game which is one of the best places to take pictures in Genshin Impact due to its location of having a fantastic view above the mountains where the you can see the fog engulf the terrain and where the sky is clear in sight. Whether its day or night both are beautiful, an island made by the Cloud retainer at an unknown time of the past.

Highest Point in Monstadt – The Cathedral Bell Tower Rooftop

I love high places, do you? Climbing on top of Mondstadt’s Cathedral Bell Tower will lead you to an amazing view of Mondstadt including Dragonspire mountain. An amazing view for those players who love high places for their screenshots in genshin impact.

Genshin Impact Liyue – The Wooden Pond Bridge

Anywhere in Liyue can be an ideal photo spot for anybody, it’s just a matter of creativity. Liyue is one of the best places to take pictures in Genshin Impact due to its design and overall architecture that Liyue represent to its real life counterpart which is China where traditions of their culture has a lot to offer in being a screenshot worthy place. Even the most simplistic of places can be a nice area for a quick snap.

Genshin Impact Qingce Village Terraced Fields

Now the Terraced Fields in Qingce Village could be one of the best places to take pictures in Genshin Impact as it represents that Asian Culture. The vibrant colors is something that you can’t ignore as it compliments the sunset or sunrise really well making things contrast and vibrant in colors.

Genshin Impact Cape Oath Cliff View Point

The view point at the cliff of Cape Oath is another spectacular sight to experience that makes it one of the best places to take pictures in Genshin Impact. Having the View of monstadt and Dragonspine mountain from afar complimented with lovely sunset is eye-catching for anyone to snap a photo.

Genshin Impact Guili Plains

Want another spectacular mountainous view point? Try out Guili Plains, right after the teleporter just climb up in where there should be a sitting place on the highest point. Guili Plains gives you an awesome view point of Dragonspire mountain and Guyun Stone Forest with the awesome sunrise in the distance.

Barbatos Statue

Barbatos Status is a common place for most players, either to have a photo taking session or sitting there to Wish for 5 characters. The sitting place at Barbatos hands is one of the best places to take pictures in Genshin Impact with your friends.

Starsnatch Cliff

There are a lot of places to take a photo of the Moon and Starsnatch Cliff is no exception. It’s a pretty view point of the sea but it can also be great for taking Night photos. Take this photo for an example during a Hangout Event questline which I took this opportunity to snap a romantic screenshot of the two Mondstadt NPCs.

Genshin Impact Lingju Pass

Lingju Pass is one of the locations in Genshin Impact that contains remnants of ruins from the old era. Gameplay wise it also has a lot of puzzles to solve for the player. It’s one of the places that has beautiful waterflows in the area and contains a lonely Golden Tree among its terrain. A nice place to explore and find a screenshot worthy position for your characters.

Waterfall Valley (Oceanlid Location)

There’s a location by the West of Mondstadt and North of Wuwang Hill where the Oceanlid Boss resides in. There will be a small enclosure of waterfalls and a lake surrounded by mountainous terrain. If you love waterfalls then this area contains one of the best looking ones and it’s a natural beauty representing what Genshin Impact open world exploration has to offer.


You know anymore?

Again, the best places are subjective, but these are one of the many locations that Genshin Impact World contains for the player. If you have a better location in mind, drop a comment and a screenshot about your favorite place in Genshin Impact for taking pictures.

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The way down from the Grand Narukami Shrine is also exceptional. I’ve taken some nice photos there around sunset.