All Major Adepti in Genshin Impact That We Know of

Looking for all the adepti in genshin impact just because they interest you? We got you covered, as we will list every known adepti in Genshin Impact lore and we will also be listing half blooded adepti characters together with the full blooded adepti characters just because it’s interesting to know and in the end considered to be adepti.

Adepti in Genshin Impact are Gods, most of them under contract by another God entity to protect a territory, in this case, liyue, adepti make up of special gods and beings that are bounded by a contract under the Archon Rex Lapis to protect Liyue. They are stronger although inferior to archons, and have existed longer than humans. So, who are they?


All Three Playable Adepti in Genshin Impact


You may know or not, but Xiao is one of the most popular characters and as well as among the adepti in genshin impact in which he is playable. He has just gotten his second gacha banner rerun, and it’s no surprise that his popularity is big because besides his amazing character design, he is one of the most strongest meta characters for the abyss and overall gameplay, where his skills are greatly useful in your party.

Xiao’s age is said to be around 2,000 years old, who has fought in the archon war in where he holds a high level of respect from the other adepti. Xiao has a pretty dark past, and from other means have lost his close allies, as we all know Xiao belongs to the five group of Yakshas, in where overtime where their duty relates to killing evil Gods and alike, Yakshas are naturally tainted with a so called “karmic debt”, which apparently corrupts them over time bringing death to them.


Ganyu is another popular playeable adepti in genshin impact, she is also one of the best characters in genshin impact to have for meta teams to compete in abyss just like Xiao. Lore wise, Ganyu is Half-human, and Half-qilin, considered as an immortal beast. Ganyu is also considered to be one of the oldest non-archon characters, where she is over 3000 year olds. Probably second to zhongli in terms of age, or equal to other archons, amazing right?


Yanfei is another popular half-blooded human and adepti in genshin impact. Although, Yanfei may be half adeptus, she is very young in terms of the typical adeptus age, she hasn’t experience any of the ancient wars, nor any drama that you’d normally expect from most adeptus we know of. Which makes players assume she was born around the peaceful times of humanity.

It is said that her father is an adeptus, illuminated beast while her Mother is a normal mortal merchant. In fact, Yanfei isn’t really considered an “adepti” due to her not having any contract with Morax to protect liyue, but despite her father being one and her role for serving Liyue with her knowledge of law, she is recognized as a honorary one nonetheless.

All Non-playable Adepti in Genshin Impact

Moon Carver

Moon Carver is an Adeptus residing on Qingyun Peak, Liyue contracted by Morax to protect Liyue. Fighting along side the Geo archon in the Archon war and also one of the three Adepti that defeated Azhdaha. He is deemed to be one of the kindest adepti among the others and takes an animal form of a stag (Male Adult Deer).

Cloud Retainer

Residing in Mt. Aocang, Liyue inside her Abode realm, she is an adeptus in where her animal form resembles of a white crane. She seems to be the creative inventor among of the three adepti and the oldest friend of Zhongli, who likes to create buildings and machinery as we saw exploring her abode and helping her cook via her cooking machine. Interesting fact to know, one of the playable characters in-game named Shenhe is a disciple of Cloud Retainer following an incident in Shenhe’s childhood that made Cloud Retainer take her in as a disciple.

Mountian Shaper

Mountain Shaper is an adeptus that resides in Mt. Hulao, Liyue, he takes the form of a Crane just like Could Retainer. Just like the other 2 adepti who are under contract by the Geo Archon and participated in the Archon war alongside Morax. Mountain Shaper was also the adeptus responsible of imprisoning QiQi in Amber due to her chaotic rampage when she was revived by the Adepti after an accidental incident.

Madame Ping

This old woman is an adeptus? Apparently so! Her adeptus title was revealed in a Bilibili trailer as Streetward Rambler, and her being adepti was revealed later in the story during your Liyue exploration. Madame former residence is the Guili Assembly, an ancient civilization estabilished by the Gods belongings to Morax. It was said after Guili Assembly was destroyed during the war, she resided in liyue among the surviors. She is close with Ganyu, and is a caretake of Yanfei.

Although, Genshin does hold a lot of other Adepti that we haven’t specifically mentioned here. As of now these are the major adepti characters that have appeared in the games story. And are you also interested in knowing the best ships in genshin impact?

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10 months ago

zhongli is also an adeptus

Emma Claire
Reply to  jnjekd
10 months ago

Zhongli is the geo archon who created the Adepti to help him in war.