5 Best Anime about Golf You Need To Watch

Looking for an Anime about Golf? We got you covered, although, Golf as the main theme is quite rare in anime series and rarely depicted, there are however quite a few that exist overtime, some of it being older classic style animes, but if you aren’t a fan of the old artstyle of animes, then thankfully, some modern animes exist of the sport. Here are the best anime about golf that you need to watch.


Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story

One of the newest anime about golf to come out rececntly. In the spring of 2022, Birdie Wing has become quite the name for itself, being of the only modernly animated animes about golf, and it having quite the entertaining plotline just adds up to all the popularity it has gained, how popular you ask? Enough to get a season 2. Birdie Wing is not just about the Golf itself but as well as the competitive nature and underground gambling scene that is has brought to the sports, a definitely entertaining anime to watch.

Sorairo Utility

Sorairo Utility is a short anime about golf, produced by Yostar Pictures. It’s a one-off 14 minute anime episode about 3 friends, one of them being new at the sport, that are just playing golf for fun. This one of the animes that has a modern animated artstyle, so if you’re looking for animes about golf, sorairo utility is a great option to add to the list.

Dan Doh!! 

We are getting to the older classics now, starting off with Dan Doh!!, Dan Doh is a 2004 anime about golf with over 26 episodes produced by Tokyo Kids. If you can handle animations of the old era, story-telling, and humour, this is another befitting golf anime to watch.

Ooi! Tonbo

Ooi! Tonbo is an anime about golf set to release in 2024, we decided to add the anime in this list as there is not much Golf animes to work with, haha. However, while waiting for the anime, you can read the manga for the meantime. The Anime is about a girl who has lost her parents and has come to find the interest to pick up golf due to her father’s inherited iron golf club.

That’s mostly all of it, some we didnt name as there are older golf animes that are relatively impossible to find! Although, for any newer animes about golf, this is all we had to work with for the list. If you know any more golf animes that you think should be on the list or we missed out, then feel free to comment!

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