Haikyuu!! Gets Two Sequel Anime Movies, Scheduled for August 2023

The official website and twitter account has just announced a two-part Haikyuu!! sequel anime movie for the all-time popular sports anime series. The Haikyuu!! two-part sequel anime movie is titled to be “Haikyu!! FINAL”, and will be scheduled to release around August 2023. The official website showcases a trailer and a pictured teaser visual as well during the announcement.


Haikyuu!! has been one of greatest sports animes about volleyball to come out ever since 2014, and has never died down on popularity. Not only the animated series is a hit in the anime community but as well as the manga having a lot more content for the fans, and in which fans of the Anime obviously love to see.

Sadly, even with the great news, there are quite alot of doubts of the two part anime movie for the final of haikyuu coming out, and where the biggest question is always asked, “Can they fit all the content from the manga into it?”. Although, unlikely, but still hopeful, you’ll never know once we watch it, but despite the fact, it is still with great hype to know a new animated sequel is coming for the sports anime we all love.

Check out their twitter announcement with their uploaded PV trailer.

Haikyuu!! Synopsis

If you someshow didn’t manage to watch Haikyuu!! or know nothing about the series, here’s a short synopsis to get you interested, so you can start binging one of the best sports animes in the industry and be prepared with the all the fans for the upcoming two-part haikyuu!! sequel anime movie.

Haikyuu!! is a sports anime about volleyball showcasing a young male character named, Hinata, he aspires to be a professional volleyball player and was formly part of his middle school volleyball team, and was known as the “Little Giant” due to his jump reach, but short height for the sport. When Hinata enrolls into Karasuno High School, he aims to take another chance to join the high school volleyball team and be the winner in the upcoming tournaments, this sparks a new journey between Hinata learning the true meaning of the sport and how to play with his team to compliment his height differences and succeed in the game of volleyball even with the hindrance of his short height to be a pro player at the game.

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