Tower of God Second Season Announced


Finally, Tower of God second season has been announced, that’s right, you heard it, the hit 13 episode anime series, Tower of God during the Spring season of 2020 has just finally got an announcement for a second season. Tower of God second season was revealed at the Crunchyroll Expo convention which revealed along with the PV trailer and a picture key visual as well and oh boy, it looks awesome!

Tower of God is originally an adventure fantasy South Korean manhwa published on Naver Webtoons until it got adapted into an anime of Spring 2020 by the studio, Telecom Animation Film, which was the start of its mass growth in popularity for the series globally. Tower of God second season is now one of the most exciting things to come in the future of Anime sequels, although not much information for the cast, production team, and animation studio has been revealed yet, but we will find out eventually, so stay tune for more updates at Animeclap.

Official Twitter Announcement for Tower of God Second Season

The official twitter as well tweeted about the upcoming Tower of God Season 2 announced during Cynchyroll Expo 2022, showing the cool key visual teaser on their post, explaining to wait for more follow-up information regarding the series that may be announced anytime soon.

Tower of God Synopsis:

If you haven’t watched Tower of God yet, and wanted to join in on the hype. Here’s the synopsis for Tower of God that is best described by the official website down below. Tower of God is an awesome action filled anime series, and highly a recommended watch for the avid fan of the genre.

If you climb the tower, you can get everything. At the top of the tower is the whole world, You can own this world…you can become a god. This is Rachel, a girl who climbs the tower just to see the starry sky, and Yoru, a boy who doesn’t need anything if she’s around. A story of beginnings and endings.

The boy “Night” enters the legendary tower to find the precious girl “Rachel”, meets new friends and rivals, clears the harsh “tests” on each floor, and aims for the top of the tower. . The boy’s growth story, the tower hidden behind it, and the boy’s secret continue to fascinate readers.


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