10 Attack on Titan Best Songs That are Memorable


What do you think makes Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) so good and addicting? Is it the adrenaline and action? the well built story, extraordinary characters, and the exasperating titans? Or perhaps, the epic and awe-inspiring opening music and catchy songs in the anime! The soundtracks are one of the main reasons why we all get hyped and fired up so here are arguably some of the Attack on Titan Best Songs ever.

10. Barricades 

There are plenty of songs to rank but I would personally like to start off with Barricades because this song represents self-empowerment as it plays in the scenes where Historia tells Ymir to “live for nobody but ourselves” and when Hannes finally redeemed his cowardice from before as he faced off fearlessly against the despicable Smiling titan. As you listen to the song, it gives off a peaceful atmosphere and unshackles your mind and soul, motivating you to be a better person for yourself. 

9. XL-TT

As humanity was about to reclaim its dignity, the Colossal titan appeared once again to haunt our beloved rookie characters fighting for humanity. XL-TT perfectly timed the scene and this song shows off a vibe that tries to hinder redemption. The song awakens the fear deep inside our hearts and casts disturbance, concern, and anxiety as we listen to it. Oh btw, if you guys are wondering about the unique title, XL-TT means “Extra large Titan” thus referring to the notorious Colossal Titan.

8. Call Your Name

This song will remind the fans of the first ever victory against the titans as this song played during the heroics of Eren blocking the hole in Trost district and the sacrifices of his comrades trying to protect him against the egregious titans. Call Your Name reclaims all lost will as you listen to it and in the process it boosts up your morale. It is the type of song that you’d love to listen to, especially when you’re at your lows and in moments when you need motivation the most. As what I would love to call it, the redemption song.

7. Shinzou wo Sasageyo

As much as I struggle to rate it at number 7, this OG opening theme deserves so much more because it gives the goosebumps as it is iconically catchy and breathtaking. This definitely got us to sing it with its popular and emblematic “shinzou wo sasageyo” that continues to stick in our minds and at the back of our tongues up to this day. It will remind us of the bravery of the main characters and all of the sacrifices since the first season. 

6. Attack on Dina (attack音D)

La, la, la,la… That’s how the song goes all throughout in a shining theme and tranquil manner. In some sort, it remedies the dark circumstance experienced by Eren and Mikasa that should have been a victorious moment. Attack on Dina projects hope in frustration as it totally defined the mournful incident. 

5. Vogel Im Kafig

Remember that part when there was a “Rogue” Titan going around beating the crap out of the other titans and it surprised everybody including the viewers? Yes, this was THAT song. Vogel Im Kafig translates to “Bird in a cage” and Eren would be interpreted as the “bird” that is desperate, hungry, and determined for freedom. Vogel Im Kafig imposes hope and unease as you listen to it. Its beauty and art as music perfectly times its presence in the anime.

4. Apetitan

Does the title seem familiar? As the name suggests, its prime essence is the infamous Beast Titan but I praise the music for the sole reason that it reminds me of Commander Erwin and his valiance all throughout his dedicated life as a hope of humanity. Apetitan brings out the patriotic side of you and mixes it with mystery as its primary focus is the inexplicable Beast Titan but the song’s versatility should also be appreciated and recognized.


If you’ve already reached this far, you might have noticed already that some of the songs above (including this one) have really unique and bugging titles. Some of us might carelessly ignore it (including me) but I came to a delayed realization that these titles might actually be more than what they seem. YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T is decoded by fans in separate ways.

The Composer loves to name the songs in the most distinctive and unusual way to keep it isolated as much as possible from the actual story in the anime but relentless fans were able to decode it (which the composer enjoys and appreciates) and refer “YouSeeBIGGIRL” to the Beast, Colossal, and Female titans but what I like the most is that it indirectly refers to Ymir.


You and Miru (to see) surprisingly add up to Ymir and BIGGIRL points out to Ymir’s Titan. As for T:T (Yes, it has a meaning too), it introduces and covers up the second half of the song and  the two letters represent “Titan” and the colon ( : ) signifies  対 (tai) or “versus” thus T:T translates to Titan versus Titan which comes up during the heartbreaking and melancholic Reiner and Bertholdt reveal scene that changed the course of the anime forever.

2. “進撃st-hrn-egt20130629巨人” (Levi vs Female Titan Theme Song)

Am I the only one who thoughtlessly disregarded the title because of its difficulty to be read and understood or thought of it as a made up title? Astonishingly enough, there is meaning behind each bit of the title! “進撃“ is read as Shingeki (Attack) and 巨人 as “Kyojin” (awesome, right?). How about with what’s in between? Yes, we can interpret that as well, “st-hrn-egt” translates to strings, horns, and electric guitar, summing up the instruments in the piece itself.

And finally, the bizarre numbers that will make you think that it has of no importance and that’s where we are wrong. “20130629” construes to June 29, 2013 (2013, 06, 29) and fans are positive that it is the date that the composer has recorded the track or perhaps mixed/mastered. Not to mention, this song is freakishly epic as it connects us to Levi and his out of this world skills going after the defeated Eren that was situated inside the Female Titan’s mouth with the help of a raging Mikasa. 

1. My War

At last, the one on top. This song initiates mystery, confusion, and mixed emotions into our innocent hearts and its ability to unceasingly give us the goosebumps and darkness in every new episode of the Final season. The lively, hype-initiating yet inexplicable music bewilders the fans as it instigates the muddled judgment of “who is the real villain” in this part of the anime. It is a personal favorite and I love this song so much especially as we go towards the end of the story. My……War!

Comment down below if you enjoyed any of these Attack on Titan best songs, if the song you think is best isn’t listed, comment down below.

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