10 Best Female Sports Anime with Strong Female Lead

Looking for the Best Sports Anime with Strong Female Lead where you have that keen interest of the Female Sports Anime theme? There are quite a lot of titles in the Anime industry and we will help you find the best Female Sports Anime with an all-female cast so you don’t have to. An all-girl sports Anime with a main female lead are quite frequent to be shown and are always awesome to watch cute anime girls put a lot of persistent effort in whatever sports is showcased in the Anime from Volleyball, basketball, Rock Climbing and more, there are just plenty to check through.

Here are 10 Female Sports Anime with strong female lead to keep you up for a long binge-watch.


Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls

Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls is one of the latest Sports Anime with an all female cast to be shown which basis its storyline on the main character who recently found a sports club in her school that specializes in climbing. Sports climbing as well all know is people that climb and scale human made walls, and even mountain climbing on the side where it makes the sport a physical and mentally demanding activity. Sports Climbing Girls Anime is probably one of its kind in the Anime industry and does a good Job representing the sport.


Hanebado! is another all female cast sports Anime where the main character was a prodigy badminton player before falling out where she just came back to take on the championship. Hanebado!’s take on badminton is a thrilling one where it adds an entertaining dramatic representation in its story about a fallen out prodigy coming back to the game she is insanely good at. If you love competitive badminton with a bit of Drama, you’ll love Hanebado!


Baseball, what do you know, is a popular sports theme in the Anime world, and there are quite a lot of Baseball themed Animes which one of them is Tamayomi showcasing a main character who has a talent for throwing a baseball. Tamayomi contains the typical High School Sports club drama concerning baseball and team relations and does a good job in keeping the audience interested in watching. There are other Baseball Anime with an all female cast like Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine (TV) which the plot line differs no less, and they’re both entertaining if you’re into sports Anime with cute girls.

Harukana Receive

There’s one question that plagues me and how is there no Volleyball Anime with an all female-cast like Haikyuu, who knows? With that said Harukana Receives takes the position of being one of the only Volleyball Animes with an all female cast, although, Harukana Receive focuses more on Beach Volleyball which are the same thing more or less, but even then Harukana Receive is a great addition to the female sports Anime theme in the community.

Long Riders

Cycling is another sports favorited by a lot of people, of course there has been a few cycling Animes with an all Female cast but not really anything to surpass Yowamushi Pedal in popularity, but even still, Cycling Animes with an All female cast like Long Riders are a great watch as well which is fun for anybody who are cycling Enthusiast, which I do think Long Riders shows the fun perspectives of Cycling.


Ever heard of butt battles, me neither, well until this Anime came long. Keijo!!!!!!!! doesn’t follow any traditional real life sports, but instead represents its own kind of fictional sports which is fighting with your butt. It Applies fictional martial arts and mixes it with this “sumo wrestling” concept where either party has to take out the other one from a specified zone, interesting, I mean watching girls fight it out with their asses is one thing, but the sports itself it showcases is an interesting concept in itself. Love the idea? You won’t regret.

Kandagawa Jet Girls

Kangdagawa Jet girls does have its fictional take on the side, but overall the Anime depicts the real life of “Jet racing” where the Anime adds its own thrills and concepts to make it more fictionally interesting of the sports where they not only race but shoot the partner off with a high-powered water gun making them slow down or incapacitated. Kandagawa Jet Girls is an interesting show, not the best, but subtly interesting for anyone looking into a sports themed Anime with a bit of 18+ Ecchi.

How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?

How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift is probably one of the only Anime about Weight lifting or Heavy Lifting showcasing a group of girls at the gym to exercise later be interesting in lifting weights as a “Macho” Gym Instructor appears who has won countless of Weight-lighting medals. The Anime brings a series of awesome comedy and gym references that you may relate to, it’s overall a good Anime solely for that slice of life comical reason when you have nothing to watch and maybe, it might inspire you to go to the gym.

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume

Did you hear Ping Pong and Anime girls? Well, I did. Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume or Scorching Ping Pong Girls is an anime entirely focused around Ping Pong with Cute Anime girls. An Anime with pretty old Animations from 2016, it’s still a fun laid-back sports Anime about Ping Pong and with its Moe makes it a fun Anime for people who enjoy this Drama, give it a shot.

Umamusume: Pretty Derby:

This might be a different to your liking, but its sports anime about Horse Girls that race in competition, despite its fictional touch, Umamusume: Pretty Derby does depict the Horsing Race sports really well where the characters are named from actual Horses that did compete in real life races. It’s honestly a fun Anime if you’re alright with the fictional Anime touch and has a mobile game adaptation available.

If you think there’s a better female sports anime out there, comment down below.

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