15 Best Bang Dream Cover Songs You Should Listen To

Bang Dream Cover Songs are awesome, the game and anime are entertaining for any Anime fan who loves the music genre. As we all know Bang Dream is a popular Mobile Rhythm game and a well known Anime Franchise about Music and Bands creating and competing with their musical skills on a stage. Bang Dream is known for their awesome songs but as well as covering some really popular existing songs whether its an Anime Opening or a popular J-Rock song. Here are the 10 Bang Dream Cover Songs you should listen to.


This list is written based on personal preference and referenced from a small community.

Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan by Afterglow

Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan by Orangestar and sung by IA is a song covered by Afterglow in the game, and since Afterglow is known for making great rock music, it’s no doubt an awesome cover to listen to, check it out.

Charles by Roselia

Another Bang Dream Cover song done well by Roselia. Charles is a song originally done by Balloon and sung by Vocaloid Flower. Which the song stands as one of the best cover songs in Bang Dream Available when it came and still is now.


Yoru ni kakeru By Pastel Palettes

A new cover song added to the Bang Dream game, Yoru ni kakeru is the globally popular song created by YOASOBI, although, the cover song isn’t out yet in Bang Dream EN, it is in the JP version of the game, so if you’re an EN player, you might have to wait a year.

Romeo by Hello, Happy World

Romeo originally produced by Honeyworks and song by the virtual idol duo LIPxLIP is one of the all-time favorite Bang Dream Cover songs in the game, and the beat map is an awesome playthrough along with it.

Roki by Afterglow

Roki produced by MikitoP and sung by Kagamine Rin and MikitoP is one of the trending global songs and when it came to Bang Dream people loved listening and playing to it making it one of the best bang dream cover songs which Afterglow did a great job in covering.

Bad Apple! by Roselia

A theme song for Touhou Project game Lotus Land Story and covered by Roselia, doing these types of genre music justice.


Gekidou is an Anime opening for the Anime D. Gray-Man, and was covered by the new Band in Bang Dream RAISE A SUILEN which was an awesome cover song done in the game.

God Knows by Poppin’Party

One of the best Bang Dream Covers in the game, if you may not know, God Knows is originally done by Hirano Aya under the Anime character Suzumiya Haruhi from a well-known Anime series called Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. An Anime song that has stayed iconic for the past years and any long-time Anime fan would know this. If you’re new to Bang Dream and know this Anime, you’ll love it as Poppin’ Party does a great cover on it.

Rashisa by Afterglow

Rashisa is a well-known song due to it being an Anime opening from the popular slice of life Anime called Barakamon. Gained popularity not because of that alone but it’s a really great song to begin with produced by Super Beaver with the Cover Band choice behind it, Afterglow, doing a great Job once again.

Ready Steady Go by Afterglow

Ready Steady Go is known for its role as an Anime opening for the popular Anime Fullmetal Alchemist which easily gained a wide popularity in the game.

This Game by Roselia

Fan of the Anime No Game No Life? You’ll know this! This Game served as the Anime opening for the Anime which was covered by Roselia making it one of the popular Anime Bang Dream Cover songs.

Guren No Yumiya by Roselia

Originally by Linked Horizon and one of the best titles among the bang dream covers available in the game is Guren No Yumiya from the widely popular Anime Attack on Titan and the Bang Dream band Roselia that was chosen to do it is a great choice as well since their type of music and singing complimented it well.

Cruel Angel Thesis by Roselia

Cruel Angel Thesis originally by Takahashi Yoko is the Iconic opening of the Anime Evangelion and the most played cover song in Bang Dream, where there’s never a day you’ll not play it in Multiplayer as its the most liked cover song as welll as the beatmap itself is a fun challenging playthrough for players.

Crow Song By Afterlow!

Another best Bang Dream Cover song done by Afterglow singing the popular Angel Beats song called Crow Song which fits well with their lead vocalist. Angel Beats has been one of the iconic drama Anime for any long time Anime fan where Angel Beats is known for their amazing OST’s making Crow Song one of them, the Bang Dream Band Afterglow did the cover which did an awesome Job.

Fuwa Fuwa Time by Pastel Palettes

You read that right, Fuwa Guwa Time the all popular song from the Anime K-on! has been made into a cover song in Bang Dream sung by Pastel Palettes, another Cover Song done well by a Bang Dream Band making it a fun beatmap to playthrough!

There are a lot of Bang Dream Cover songs that should be put on this list but that’s all for now. Know a Bang Dream Cover that should be on the list? Comment down below, at the end of the day it’s personal preference, so express yours!

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