7 Best Pokemon Packs To Open All The Time

What are Pokemon packs? Pokemon packs are for the Pokemon Trading Card Game where you can get a pack like in store or online that holds 10 cards. Your chance of getting what you want for the card in the pack is plain luck as you don’t know what’s inside the pack until you open it. If you don’t want the cards that were in the pack, you could either: sell, trade and keep it in your collection of Pokemon cards. It’s fun to get Pokemon cards no matter what age you are. Here are some Pokemon packs that you should get and if you’re lucky.

1. Pokemon Celebration 

People who are collecting Pokemon cards should get a few from the Pokemon Celebration pack! The Pokemon Celebration pack was just released a few months ago. Instead of 10 cards within a pack, it’s 4 cards. So what’s special about the Pokemon Celebration pack? It has reprint cards of some of the best Pokemon cards and it even has a Pikachu symbol on the front. For instance: Imposter Professor Oak, the classic Charizard and even the classic Blastoise are within the pack that you can pull out. These cards have cards that were hard to find or get for trainers that wanted it in their collection. It’s also nostalgic and every trainer should get a pack or two to have in their collection. 

2. XY Evolution 

Why get the XY Evolution packs? These packs are like for fans who want nostalgia in Pokemon. If you open these packs, these cards are reprints of the cards from 90s Pokemon packs. Even if you’re a fan of Pokemon and have never seen the cards from the 90s, you should check into this as it would be great for your collection. It’s a different art print of Pokemon from before until now and you’ll be glad that you were able to get some of the cards. XY Evolution is even a good starter pack for beginners. 

3. Shining Fates 

Why should you open a Shining Fates pack? The pack is a good set for anyone trying to collect all the cards and it even has the VMAX Charizard. If you like Charizard, the Shining Fates pack is the one that you should get into. The VMAX Charizard is hard to get and you’ll be lucky if you’re able to pull that shiny card. The artwork of that Charizard looks pretty cool as well for it to be in your collection of cards. The Shining Fates pack is a bit expensive because of the VMAX cards. However it is worth a buy if you’re able to pull out one of the VMAX! Give it a shot and you might be lucky! 

4. Evolution Skies

What’s so special about Evolution Skies? Are you an Eevee fan? Well, Evolution Skies are the packs that you should look no further! The packs have VMAX cards of Eevee’s evolutions forms: Leafeon, Espeon, Flareon, etc. The artwork is beautiful on these VMAX cards as well and you’ll know it could get pricey if it gets sold out. If you want to get these VMAX cards, the packs aren’t that pricey to get and you know you need one once you see how the cards look. 

5. Burning Shadows 

This Pokemon pack series of Burning Shadows is a popular one especially with the secret rares if you’re lucky to even get one. The packs get easily sold out and if you do see one in store or online, you should grab it and put it in your collection of cards. The artwork in Burning Shadows is quite catchy to look at and one that you shouldn’t pass up to put into your collection. The set becomes harder to find each passing day. 

6. Gym Heroes 

The Gym Heroes were based off of the gym leaders from the first season of Pokemon back in the 90s. If you’re able to find one that’s inexpensive and not too pricey, you should get it as it’s out of print and it was made from Wizard of the Coast. This set has common Pokemon cards that are rare and valuable that it was quite unusual to see within the trading card game. The gym leader’s trainer cards are also valuable and you’re lucky to get it if you have a pack. The Gym Heroes Pokemon set is an out of print set and if you see cards from that pack, you should get it so at least you have some. 

7. Team Rocket 

If you’re a Pokemon fan, you know about the Team Rocket gang that is led by Giovanni. The Team Rocket pack is hard to get as it was once popular back in the 90s. These packs have Pokemon cards that sometimes have “dark” in front of the Pokemon’s name. For instance: Dark Raichu, Dark Charizard, Dark Kadabra….etc. However these packs are hard to find nowadays and if you see one in-store or even online at a good price, you should get it right away. These packs have somewhat good Pokemon in it and you can tell that it’s Team Rocket. 

There are so many Pokemon pack cards out there for players and collectors to have fun, trade and battle one another. Pokemon packs are getting expensive since the pandemic began in 2020, but there are packs that are affordable if you want to start collecting and playing the game. The trading card game isn’t just for kids, but adults play it as well as collecting. The trading card game is a fun way to enjoy and interact with family, friends and meeting new people. Check out the Pokemon Trading Card Game! If you’re still unsure, there’s even an app for the game that you can try out.

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