Uma Musume Pretty Derby Global Release When?

As we all know Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a popular Anime and Video Game franchise in Japan and has a great following Globally as well. Recently in 2021, A Uma Musume Gacha Video Game for the Mobile Market in Japan was released by Cygames, and has kept every fan outside of Japan in the edge of their seats wanting to know if the game will have a Global release ever since. After gathering a huge amount of sales and users in the Millions range, it’s no surprise such popularity in Japan would spread worldwide.


Is it coming to Global?

We don’t know, until the making of this article there is no “official confirmation” for a Global release specifically. However, a release for two countries “overseas”, specifically Korea, and China have their own releases confirmed and have been out for download right now, which have been mentioned in the message below announced prior to the two releases.

source: reddit

Speculation for a Global Release

Though, it’s not the end of the world, if the message doesn’t entirely specify the “overseas countries” and of course, “overseas” doesn’t entirely mean Global, but as we have seen from other video game companies from Japan, whenever a Japanese Gacha Game wants to make their way into the international market, usually Korea, and China are the ones to be the first to have their releases, then North America, Europe and other Asian Countries are next.

Though, this is just hopeless believing, maybe, but when referencing on how the industry behaves and how Japanese games are marketed and published internationally. It’s no doubt, an international publishing company will pick or accept the offer to publish Uma Musume globally.

Again, the best information to hope on this speculative information of ours is simply because this game has a Korean and Chinese version, as most do other Gacha games have. It is the best case, and hopefully we can hopefully play this game in English soon in the future, but for the meantime, practice your Japanese, and keep on playing the JP version!

If you know any more information, comment down below. We’ll gladly appreciate it!

How-to play: Uma Musume Pretty Derby JP Guide

Want to know how to play the JP version of Uma Musume Pretty Derby. Thanks to the community, you can check out these Guides: Guide Tutorial Doc by Erzzy and Gametora Wiki. It has been said, that you may need VPN to register and login, and sometimes you may not, check out: Tunnelbear VPN, if you need one.

About Uma Musume Pretty Derby Franchise

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a mobile game created by Cygames released for Android and IOS users in 2021 within Japan. The game has an anime adaptation with over two seasons and several movies. Uma Musume Pretty Derby is an Anime game about Japanese horse racing girls being simulated in a race, these Anime girls represent real life Japanese Horses, so it is pretty cool for that alone.

Having to manage your horse girls, planning a strategy to training them, and other features that go into detail of horse racing, the game heavily focuses on such a theme with a bit of Japanese idol twist, where whenever a horse girl wins, they have to perform a victory dance. Overall, it’s a great franchise, and if you’re new to the title, you should go watch the anime, as it might hype you even more.

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