7 Best Mobile idol Anime Rhythm Games to Play Now

Do you love idol Anime Rhythm games? I sure do too. Looking for the best Mobile idol Anime Rhythm games right now with the best idols, artworks and music with as well as a great active community? We got you covered as we have listed all the available well-known and currently popular idol rhythm games released globally to us worldwide that you can download on the Google play store, or the Apple store! Let’s start grinding and vibing.


Project sekkai: Colorful Stage

Project Sekkai is a newly released idol anime rhythm game that came out in December 2021 globally. It took the rhythm game market by storm and has garnered millions of players during its first month. This is due to the premise and theme of the game being relevant to the iconic vocaloid idols like Hatsune Miku. This fandom has a big following prior to the game, so it was the most hyped game to be released. Project sekai brings to the table awesome character art, music and as well simplistic yet visually stunning gameplay design and 3d performances.

Bang Dream

Bang Dream is another idol anime rhythm game that came out in 2018 globally, although, the entire premise revolves around Girl Rock Bands that battle it out in making the best music for their fans. Bang Dream was a hit during its release garnering millions of dowloads, and still a popular rhythm game until now, although the community has dimmed down a bit in player count compared to new games like Project Sekkai, though the playerbase is still big and active as ever, and it’s never too late to start playing the game.

Love Live!

Ah, we all know Love Live! Maybe, and probably one of the first bigger idol rhythm games to come out globally with a massive following. Love Live is an idol rhythm game having two different version releases for the game which are: Love Live School Idol Festival, and Love Live! All Stars. Both being tremenedously popular in the community, and both having unique and quite different gameplay, Love Live likes to focus more on the 3D gameplay showcasing the idols in all the glorious 3D costumes which you can get, and of course just like any other, the music they produce is just as awesome to hear.


D4DJ is an idol anime rhytm game developed by Bushiroad, the same makers of Bang Dream. Although, D4DJ isn’t your typical pure idol girls, instead you get DJ Girls with very awesome DJ music remixes. D4DJ has a variety of music ranging from disco, dubstep and other different kinds of song mixes within the Djing genre. A highly recommended game for the people who are into these kinds of music, other than that, D4DJ has amazing character art designs, a decent story, and as well unique gameplay that adds a twist of “DJ” feel to the game.

Ensemble Stars

Ensemble Stars is a joseimuke idol rhythm game, meaning it targets more to the female audiences with all the Male Idols you can have in the game. Ensemble stars is an old franchise dating back to 2015, although it just released Globally in June 2022. Ensemble does not have a huge following compared to Project Sekkai or Bang Dream. Though, the community is alive and active, as it just released within this month the article was posted! The story is amazingly comedic, funny and wild with the gameplay and it’s 3D dances being just like Love Live! Although, even if you weren’t a girl, the game is fun as well for guys who are wanting to try it out.

Uta no Prince-sama: Shining Live

Uta no Prince-sama: Shining Live is another joseimuke idol anime rhythm game that released globally in 2018. Just like Ensemble Stars, it does have an anime and multiple movies to watch, if you’re interested in the characters and games story. It is quite popular globally and in japan, having over 500k+ downloads in Google Play alone. If you’re looking for an idol anime rhythm game with stunning male characters, Uta no Prince-sama is a recommend game to try out.

Idoly Pride

Idoly Pride is a unique rhythm game brought to the table, although, not your average “tap to the beat” gameplay. Idoly pride is actually an idol management RPG based game that focuses on RPG mechanics and simulation idle gameplay rather than physical playing. Having to train and raise your idols to perform well and so on, just like Uma Musume Pretty Derby, another idle management game. Sadly, Idoly Pride being one of the most anticipated games, does not currently have a Global release, and only has a Japanese and Korean release as of the making of this article.

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