Puraore! Pride of Orange Review: Ice Hockey and Cute Girls

Puraore! Pride of Orange is a 12-Episode Anime about Ice Hockey, the anime entirely focuses around the themes of being a CCGDCT (cute girls doing cute things), depicting the daily of life of youthful students who find themselves interested in the sport, Ice Hockey. This appealed to a lot of Canadian Anime Fans, and also the fans of the Cute Girl Anime theme. The Anime is not a game-changer or the best series that came out in Fall 2021 but nonetheless, it’s a great entertaining watch with a twist of idol music involved that has an upcoming mobile video game coming as well.



Puraore! Pride of Orange revolves around a tight-knit group of friends in high school who were in a club that does cross stitch related art activities. One day, one of them who goes by the name Mizusawa, Manaka, decided to wanted to participate in Ice Hockey trial classes for reasons of wanting to experience something more exciting and different, compared to being stuck in a chair stitching patterns.

This makes her decide to want and convince her other clubmates into participating the upcoming Ice Hockey trial classes class along with her. This leads to an unpredicted feeling between the group that somehow discovered a feeling that they haven’t experienced yet, tempting them to come the next week and play more Ice Hockey to set off a new venture into the unknown and along the way finding newer friends and growing stronger their friendship for one another.

Story and characters

The story and characters in Puraore! Pride of Orange is rather straightfoward having your typical setting of a group of higher school girls looking into a different interest and pursueing it to experience something exciting and thrilling. Ice hockey is one of them where they are so happened to try it out one day after seeing a pamphlet about Ice Hockey trial classes for a their towns team. This attracts one of the girls in the group to influence the rest of her friends into joining such activities and all of them discover something new and want to compete.

Puraore! Pride of Orange is a fun slice of life sports anime with the usual cute girls doing cute things formula, but it isnt bad, as it is the very first Anime to depict the canadian sport, and although it does contain idol themes with the sports Anime which has been pointed out a few times, the anime aims to be fun and not too serious. The Anime was produced on the motive to promote the mobile game called PuraOre! Pride of Orange: Smile Princess, and the story is said to continue from there after watching the Anime.

Animation and Music

As you might not know again, although Puraore! Pride of Orange is a ice hockey anime, it does combine with the culture of japanese idols. So, everytime the team wins, they get to perform their idol song in celebration. The music is pretty upbeat as expected from a idol japanese anime series, and hey, it does go well, if you’re into both genres.

The animation in Puraore! Pride of Orange is actually pretty good, although there are some scenes that may seem heavily budgeted, including certain “slide show reels” of a moment in the episode. There ice hockey games and dance animations are entertaining to watch, and at best is your typical modern moe animated Anime series and surprisingly they dont incorporate 3D into their animation so, check out their opening idol dance music scene for the first episode and see if it convinces you to watch it.


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