Slow Loop Anime Review: A calm fishing Slice of Life Moe Anime

There are quite a handful of fishing slice of life Anime shows out there and all of them are wonderful series. Thankfully, Slow Loop has become another Anime Series to be added to that list of genre rarity themed shows about Fishing. Slow loop is a 12 episodic slice of life anime that came out in Winter 2022, animated by a relatively known studio, Connect. Slow Loop is a full-blown Iyashikei anime and quite wholesome in its story. For any slice of life fan, this is an anime that you should put on your watch list and we will tell you why.



Slow Loop is a 12 episodic slice of life Anime about Fly Fishing. It starts off with a shy girl named Minagi, Hiyori, who recently lost her father, and has become rather closed-off from society, being introverted basically. Only keeping to herself and her love of Fly Fishing alone in her coastal area since it was the only thing that her father has taught before passing away.

Although, one day, a random girl came along into the coastal port where Hiyori was fly fishing, in which she came to introduce her self as, Minagi, Kohari, and along the conversation she was hinting that her father will be remarrying someone, which was revealed later that both their parents are the ones being remarried. This sparks a new opening for our girls as they’ll be experiencing having a new family together, and we are tagged along in the Anime series of two different families becoming one, and where the new sisters are introduced into the world of fly fishing together creating bonds and wholesome moments.

Story and characters

Slow Loop’s story is pretty straightfoward as most Iyashikei (slice of life) animes usually are. Wholesome, cute, and relaxing are all what combines an Iyashikei anime, and Slow Loop does perfectly that, it’s fishing afterall, together with wholesome family bonding. Every now and then, we also get educated about fishing since the anime frequents information about certain Fishing concepts taught along in the Anime between the character as Koharu adapts to the hobby with Hiyori.

The characters are great and is what you expect from a laid-back slice of life anime, innocently moe, with an introverted and extroverted type of personality between the characters. They aren’t boring and bland, and you’d feel some compassion to the characters about the death of their loved ones and living past that trauma. If you can relate, it adds more emotional attachment to the characters easily for us viewers who can that are living the same experience as what are beloved characters are going through as well.

Besides our glooming character’s background, it isn’t all that dramatic and can generally be compared to the vibe Yuru Camp gives us, but in slow loop our characters are trying to cope with the lost of their family members with their new family, giving wholesome, laid-back, and just the typical Iyashikei setting. Afterall, nothing goes wrong with fishing as it it’s the best hobby for a peaceful atmosphere and thats exactly what our characters do, where everyday they continue their adventures about exploring not just fly fishing alone, but as well more than that in the deep sea.

Animation and Music

The Anime doesn’t feel like it’s budgeted, the animations are actually really well done, and lacks nothing that would make it bad. Mordern day animated moe art style with bright colorful environments and scenes with amazingly cute designed characters is something that all slice of life anime fans would wish for.

Music of the ED [Three Loop] and OP [yahirushi] sung by awesome underrated artists, fitting the Anime series really well. The entire Anime just really gives that Yuru Camp relaxed vibe, and if you’re into the slice of life Anime genre, then this one is a great watch for you, and you shouldn’t skip it. Check out the Promotional Video below:

What do you think about the Anime? Comment down below!

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