6 Best 3D Anime with stunning CGI


3D in Anime is something different for the average anime watcher, when we think of watching Anime we think of flat drawn and colored animations rather than looking at a character that has a 3D dimensional body moving around.


but whether you hate the use of 3D, there are some Anime that still look great, sometimes not even noticing it. Here the best 3D anime with stunning CGI.

Best 3D Anime

God Eater

God Eater is about humanity facing extinction due to an appearance of monsters called “Aragami”. In order to fight them, humanity created “Special Humans that are infused with Oracle cells”. They have the ability to wield special weapons that would slay these monsters.

God Eater uses a mix of 2D and 3D animations for their characters and monsters, and most background scenery in 2D. Honestly, it looks great how they manage to combine 2 different art styles and manage to make it look fitting. It’s one of the Anime titles that use CGI properly.

Hello World

Hello World is a fictional tale between two young individuals in an advance Japanese society. An introverted boy, Naomi and a cold-hearted girl, Ruri, which both sharing the same interest in reading. One day Naomi wanting to talk to her came across a mysterious man that claims to be Naomi 10 years in the future explaining something bad will happen to the girl.


Hello World is a recent 2019 Anime movie which is a 3D animation, yes, 3D. At first glance of the trailer, or even the first few minutes into the movie you wouldn’t really notice the 3D without actually having a proper look. Hello World is one of those 3D Anime that have made 3D look good.


Beastars is one of the best 3D anime currently trending in 2021 that has sparked a lot of interest among Furry fans and Anime fans. Beastars is about an Animal driven society that operate like humans, live like humans and does a fine job representing human societal problems.

Beastars is another anime that has perfectly made 3D anime work without it being awkward, the action scenes in Beastars is superb, and the art just fits so well that you really can’t tell it’s 3D until some complex action scene plays which nothing would feel out of place. 3D anime has came along way, and Beastars shows that.

Sidonia no Kishi

Sidonia no Kishi is the Attack on Titan equivalent but in space. An anime about a minority of the Human race in a colony spaceship trying to find a new planet to colonize in the universe because of the alien race that laid destruction on Earth.

The CGI in Sidonia no Kishi is noticeable with all the basic elements easily identifiable as 3D but it’s not bad, the coloring over the 3D fits the sci-fi concept that the anime is portraying which isn’t disgusting to look at all. Sidonia no Kishi not only tries to immerse you in its animation, but as well as the story which is one of the best 3D Anime you should try especially if you like Attack on Titan.


Blame! is another best 3D anime on Netflix showcasing a sci-fi apocalyptic world that has an awesome premise behind it. A post-apocalyptic cyber-tech city where it contains many levels filled with rogue AI machines due to a virus that affected the cities defense system that went targeting humans.

Blame! has pretty amazing animations, and it just feels like a high value 3D production Anime which you should consider watching if you’re into science fiction that Blame! does a great job depicting in its atmosphere and story.


Ajin are a race of mysterious creatures that inhabit a human like body identified as “demi-humans”. Having immortality and powers beyond normal human capability. Ajin was a popular Anime in 2016 when CGI anime wasn’t frequent compared to now, which most anime fans had a hard time watching that made it receive quite the negative feedback.

The community has mixed opinions about the implementation of CGI in Ajin, but it’s not awful, just awkward due to the sluggish frames to illuminate a 2D animated feel. Visuals are still great and look good for some parts that would be hard to animate in 2D. Ajin still succeeded due to the story while visuals was tolerated by those who don’t like it.

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