Arknights Anime Adaptation Announced and Produced by Yostar Pictures

Arknights Anime Adaptation Official Announcement!

Yostar Pictures has revealed in a tweet that they are in the process of making an Anime adaptation for one of their mobile Gacha games Arknights! This has come to an awesome surprise for fans as Arknights story and character building is an interesting and amazing universe to learn about in the game, which is set in an dystopian, post-apolcapytic world featuring such a nicely designed universe.

Though not much is revealed in the tweet along with the promotional video, we do know that the “Doctor”, us in the game, is teased in the PV along with Amiya with the title Season 1, Prelude to Dawn which is coming soon. Arknights has always had stunning animation videos just like their Arknights 1st Anniversary Special Animation, and countless other animations they have done on their Youtube Channel, so it’s quite exciting for an official Anime series to be adapted now for Arknights.

Official tweet:

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