10 Best Anime like Squid Game That You Will Enjoy

Anime like Squid Game, the Korean drama has caught the world’s attention by being one of the best 2021 Korean dramas centering around the survival game genre. What Squid Game brings to the table is a series of suspense, action, and thrill for the audience along with an emotional ride in its story.

As Squid Game ignites the survival game genre popularity again, Anime fans are also wanting to know whether there is an Anime like Squid Game, so is there? There is quite a lot of Anime titles that bring the premise of the game in life and death onto the main plot, and will be listing the well-known titles out there that base itself around the survival game universe.

Alice In Borderland

As you might know, Alice In Borderland was a recently trending series due to the live-adaptation of the Anime, which is the Japanese drama, Alice in Borderland (TV Series). It comes with a long running manga, and a short 3-episode OVA Anime. Alice in Borderland mysteriously brings the main characters into an alternate apocalyptic world of life and death by playing a series of games in order to stay alive.

Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland is a popular title among Anime Fans, and has quite the similar appearance to squid game in its survival game concept. Although, it take places in a prison where the main character is brought into for being accused as a murderer, he finds himself realizing that he has to play a series of games in order to stay alive, due to the prison implementing such games to kill off the prisoners. Although, this theme isn’t the central focus in the storyline as it shifts later on in the Anime, but you still might enjoy the premise of the story either way.


Btooom! brings the survival game theme into its story by having the main character waking up in an unknown island without memory, where he finds himself in a game of life and death along with a partner, he discovers that he has to eliminate and kill seven other participants who have these green crystals that he needs to collect in order to return home.

Death Parade

Death parade, although not your typical group survival game, it implements the survival game theme to its universe where it brings two new souls who just entered this purgatory-like state after death, where a judicator gives them a game to play, and they’ll be judged accordingly to how they behave by playing the game, whether they should be punished to oblivion or given reincarnation. Just like Squid Game, the games in Death Parade also takes references to real life ones.



Kakegurui could be more or less an Anime like Squid Game, where high-stakes are involved just for the money. Do you like high-stakes gambling? Kakegurui is an Anime that plays around the theme of gambling things that are very important to a person, whether it will be a huge amount of money, an object, human parts, or your life in general. Kakegurui expresses this desperation for the addiction of gambling and how far someone will go to just win big and get out of debt.

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Kaiji is another Anime that depicts the world of gambling and how far people go to win. Kaiji is an old classical Anime that some might find hard to watch because the Animation is old, but despite that, it’s an anime like squid game where Kaiji’s premise of illegal gambling that involves high stakes and high reward, as well as involving underlying events of cheating, deceit, and pure mind games. Kaiji who is in major debt brought himself to this underground world and realizes how bad humans are when they are in dire need to win.

Darwin’s Game

Darwin’s game is an Anime for what you normally expect from a survival game based genre. Bringing the main character into a universe where he thought was just a normal game but soon to realize, it was more than that, and it was ought to kill him. Although, the story is well constructed leaving plot-holes here and there if you question deeper, Darwin’s Game nonetheless brings the suspense and action of a battle royale vibe survival game where people are out to kill one another.

Ousama Game The Animation

Ousama Game The Animation is another Anime that caters to the survival game genre. Having the main character who just newly transferred to a high school and out of nowhere, an anonymous individual through text, labeled as “the King” instructs the class to participate in a game called “King’s game” and if not, will be receiving a deadly punishment. It’s a fight for survival for the main character, and the Anime showcases that pure survival game vibe.


Danganronpa is an all-time favorite Anime for a lot of Anime fans. Although it doesn’t have quite the similar take of the cliche survival game theme where battle royale or high-stakes gambling are involved, however Danganronpa’s premise implements its own way of a survival game, where the participants are forced to murder someone in an enclosed building without being declared guilty in the subsequent trial after the murder. If the killer is caught, the deadly game continues until a single victor remains, more or less an Among Us game vibe.


Deatte 5-byou de Battle

Deatte 5-byou de Battle is a recent 2021 Anime that implements the survival game theme, however this involves having the participants gain a certain power to fight, something that you would expect for a fantasy Battle Royale concept. Where our main character who’s a high schooler was dragged into the mist of a battlefield of survival on the motive to discover the origins of the game.

If you think there’s another Anime like squid game, comment down below!

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